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Article Summary: Learning styles questionnaire


Learning is an ongoing process that takes place in people’s daily lives. It can take the form of formal or informal learning. The reason behind the focus on learning is that it forms the foundation of change and development for individuals and also for organizations. People adopt diverse styles of learning depending on their attitudes and behaviors. The style adopted, therefore forms the basis of their learning.

Four main learning styles exist. One of the styles is the reflectors who view things through the use of various perspectives with the objective of planning ahead and finding meanings. Activists on the other hand, prefer new and challenging activities, where they learn through experience and working with others. Theorists form another category of learners who learn though logical analysis of issues with a structured environment. Pragmatists is the fourth learning style, where learners are usually keen to try out new techniques, theories and idea, in order to evaluate how they work in practice. Pragmatists try to prove if new ideas work, through the use of experiments.

Individual learning styles have diverse benefits. One of the benefits is attained when communicating with others. Knowledge of learning styles gives a person the opportunity of understanding other peoples learning styles, thus enabling them to present their ideas in a more useful and clear manner. For instance, a sales person requires the knowledge of learning styles in order to convince the buyer. Another benefit is that when working in teams, people with diverse learning styles can work together to resolve a problem. It is therefore essential for each person to have knowledge of their learning styles.