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Weekly Wiki Entry Instructions


Attitude may be defined as having a negative or positive tendency towards something (Chitty 59). It has three components. Affective component refers to individual feelings and evaluation. A cognitive component is a person’s knowledge and thought about something. Lastly, the conative component is our predisposition towards an object or issue.


It refers to an attempt to change the consumers pre-existing attitudes and behaviors towards the brand.

Elaboration of Likelihood Model

Central route is when a consumer is exposed to information messages consisting message arguments and peripheral cues, and the elaboration level is high, and thus the receiver will concentrate more on message arguments. The peripheral route, on the other hand, occurs when the elaboration level is low, and, therefore, the receiver concentrates on peripheral cues.

Six Tools of Persuasion

Reciprocation refers to a strategy where the use organization tactics of offering gifts in the believe that the receiver will buy a product. For instance, the sampling coffee in a supermarket.

Commitment and Consistency: It is the tendency to remain faithful to a choice and continuation to act in the same manner. When a customer makes an offer to buy an apartment, the salesperson may suggest that it should be approved by the manager, and later declare that the offer was declined hoping the customer will increase the offer.

Social Proof: When a customer is not sure about appropriate behavior, they tend to take note of other people’s behavior. When we are not sure about the amount we are supposed to give during fundraising, we may ask other the amount they want to contribute.

Liking: It is more likely that people will buy a product when a famous person endorses it, for instance, celebrity endorsement.

Authority: It is exhibiting a sense of duty. For instance, an organization may ask medical authorities to promote particular anti-bacterial soap.

Scarcity: It is when there are limited supply and great demand. For instance, a salesperson may use a phrase like only 20 items remaining.

It is a group of a consumer with similar needs or behavior. It reduces wasting coverage as the marketing message is delivered to a defined market segment.

Demographic Segmentation

Demographic variables refer to market segments age structure, population growth rate, ethnicity, and geographical distribution.

Baby Boomers: Represent people who own approximately 40% of nation wealth and offer significant potential to financial investments and motor vehicle marketers.

Generation X: This market segment has money and desire to buy.

Gen Y: This generation is young, social media is an appropriate marketing platform.

Middle consumers: Those consumers between 35 and 54 years

Mature consumers: Consumers above 55 years. They are wealthy and more willing to spend.

Geo-demographic Segmentation

This is a market segment that combines both geographic and lifestyle characteristics within of customers within geographic localities such as postal code areas. This kind of segmentation allows the use of direct mail which is effective and efficient (Chitty 88). It is more likely used by research firms.

Values and lifestyle segmentation

Own Lifestyle

I like to travel, shopping and entertainment. Marketers would come up with products like urban products and online gaming. They can use marketing media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Roy Morgan Value Segment

Basic Needs, fairer deal, real conservatism, look at me, conservative family life, traditional family life, visible achievement, something better, socially aware, and young optimism. I value traditional family life.

Case Study

IMC Challenge: Persuading young adults to visit Australia

The case study shows that there was a 4.9 percent increase in the number of tourists that visited Australia in 2013 compared to the preceding year. The tourism industry is employed online campaign to persuade young adults globally, as an online platform is more effective to reach this market segment. They used Australian campaign Best jobs in the world to attract young traveler to extend their stay as they earn money through short-term employment.

Target audience

The target audience, in this case, is the young adults to visit Australia. The campaigns aimed at encouraging young visitors to visit the country for a holiday and fill the vacant positions. The use of online campaign strategy was successful indicating it was an appropriate media to reach young people.

The case study was clear; to attract young adult customers, the organization should use the right media.

IMC in Action: Not lovely but successful

The case study discusses the Crocs footwear brand. Despite the perception that it as not attractive, the brand is successful as it satisfies customer’s functional needs of comfort and easy to care (Chitty 106).

Crocs have been a successful brand generating sales of more than US1$ billion globally. The brand’s ability to meet the customers need by offering comfort, and easy to clean has offered the brand a competitive advantage.

The case study was clear; I learned that innovative product design has provided positioning of Crocs.

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