Learning with Technology Essay Example

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Learning with Technology

Computer Practice Framework (CPF) is a term that explains a plan that can be used in the integration of computers into learning in the classroom. The framework has two major aspects; focus (objectives supported by computer use) and Mode (the effects computer use has on the curriculum). The focus determines the mode for which computer use is intended. There are three important modes; supporting, enhancing and transforming mode.

In the supporting mode, the use of computers purely supports the processes, which would still go on if computers were not used. The process becomes automated but does not change. I know of a school where teachers encourage students to keep a journal through the use of a computer. On the one side, using a computer to keep a journal of all the learning experiences a student has supports learning. But it can be done through hand writing. It is important to note that the work being performed by the use of a computer determines the mode. On the other hand, the focus for computer use also determines the mode.

Where the content and processes change if a computer is use, the mode becomes that of enhancing or extending the curriculum. For instance in the above mentioned example of using a computer to keep a journal, using a computer allows one to add photos, drawings, images and editing. The student also learns how to type. This means that the student learns other things which enhance the learning process.

The last mode is that of transforming the learning process and that of the curriculum; cannot be accomplished without the use of a computer. The use of a computer to teach and learn pronunciation for teaching a second language is one of the transforming modes a computer can be used to transform the curriculum.