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Leadership Research Report


The movie Remember the Titans rotates around two mentors named Herman Boone and Bill Yoast and how their leadership approaches united an isolated town through the success of a high school football team. This procedure required viable leadership abilities. This paper will identify the various leaders from the movie Remember the Titans. Also, it will describe their role and strengths and weaknesses they demonstrated as leaders during the movie. Finally, this paper will explain how different leadership theories were applied to situations in the film.

The main characters of the movie were mentor Boone played by Denzel Washington, Yoast who played by Will Paton, Julius Campbell played by Wood Harris, Gary Bertier played by Ryan Hurst, and finally Sheryl Yoast who played by Hayden Panettiere. Gerry is the Titan’s Team Captain. He substantiates himself as an emergent leader when he figures out how to disregard his partialities and to concentrate on all partners paying little heed to their skin color. Another character is Julius who is a representation for the Black players.

Gerry emerges as a real leader given his identity and attributes. He was a skipper of the group, exceptionally energetic and cherishing, and did a lot to ensure that they succeed. All through the film, Gerry gives us numerous cases of his passionate insight and also his energy, which is evident in almost every scene in the film and most observably when he is on the football field (Howard, 2007).

There are a number of leadership attributes that Gerry portrays all through the film. Gerry depicts a real leadership style. As an illustration, Gerry was a team player fought for what he believed in and for what was best for the team in general. He followed up on his qualities and convictions and took after a substantial portion of the attributes Northouse depicts as a hardworking leader who focuses on building a team focusing on the development of people.

Another illustration is when Gerry challenged Julius because he was acting selfishly in the field. At the point when Julius tested Gerry he gathered himself and honestly considered what his partner was stating without simply rejecting it since he was distinctive. Toward the end of the scene, Gerry, at last, understood that he was not the best captain. It was his business to unite the group and bring together them. He realized this would never happen if they continued fighting each other as opposed to meeting up to win (Sobolewski, 2010).Another leadership aspect illustration was when Gerry had to eliminate one of his partners from the team. As a matter of fact, this was a particularly hard decision to make since Ray was one of his closest companions (Harris, 2015).

Some leadership theories such as situational theory and servant leadership theory have been applied to different situations in the film Remember the Titans. This film gives a lot of understanding on the utilization of leadership attributes that decidedly impacted the result of the circumstance. One circumstance where servant leadership theory has been demonstrated is by Coach Boone and Coach Yoast by giving respect to those who’ve just seen corruption the integration of the educational system, combining society into one, joining the group, and so forth (Leary,2013).

Boone had a fabulous follower or Co-leader. Mentor Hines’ co-administration capacities appeared to be cognizant for Coach Boone. He ventures in and emphatically impacted Coach Boone decision. Additionally, Coach Yoast is phenomenal as a co-pioneer. The achievement of an association or group is occupant upon the capacities of everybody, and every fruitful pioneer has very great co-pioneers (Holbrook, 2014). In spite of the fact that Sheryl Yoast was nine years of age, her affection and association with her dad gave her experience expected to interoperate some circumstances and give viable criticism precisely. For instance, she watched imperfections from the stands in the Titans capacity to appropriately shield the contradicting group in the state title (Leary, 2013).


Albeit just a couple of the speculations were accessible at the time every single leader in the film displayed sound leadership quality. In summary, this paper has described the role of Captain Gerry role his strengths and weaknesses demonstrated as leaders during the movie. In addition this essay paper have identified other leaders and assessed their success as leaders in the movie. Finally, this paper explained how different leadership theories directly were applied to situations in the film. The leadership theories on this exploration are conflict resolution theory and positional power. In conclusion, it is conceivable that the high school would not have been the same without the situational leadership qualities showed by Coach Boone, and Coach Boone.


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