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What Does It Mean To Be A Leader 4


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People have experienced hard time in excelling both as a manager and a leader. This is mainly because the two disciplines are fundamentally different. Being a perfect manager usually involve staying within the rules, choosing the most applicable option among several alternatives and delegatingduties (Daft, 2009). Conversely, leadership involves inspiring and uplifting others.

A person can act both as a leader and a manager. This requires the person to possess the traits of a manager and a leader as well (Daft, 2009). A person with this skill will not maintain the status quo but will be flexible to changes in the organization.

A person with both leadership and management traits delegates duties to the subordinates and goes ahead to explain to them the importance of such duties

A person can also hold the two traits when he is able to bring new ways of doing things in the organization, and not just maintaining the normal way.

How to be responsive leaders in future.

Learning leadership and management skills makes people to be perfect and responsible leaders in the future (Daft, 2009). This is because people who have these skills will be able to design new ways of conducting activities in the organizations. They will be more creative and innovative.

People with these skills will also have better ways of creating a motivated team in the organization. This will reduce work strikes and promote peaceful working environment.

Good leadership and management skills will also enable future leaders to not only ensure the right things are done, but to ensure the activities are done in the right way as well, making the organization more successful.


Management and leadership are different. Managers plan control, lead communicate and ensure proper time management. On the other hand leaders are flexible and makes decisions based on what fits the people best. Management is an acquired skill based on laid down procedures and guidelines, whereas leadership is mainly a personality trait. People who possess the right knowledge and skills can act as both leaders and managers.


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