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Leadership discussion

Leadership discussion

Generational differences occur in the form of beliefs, values, age and politics. In nursing, once generational differences are noticed, it is important to view them as potential strengths for leadership. It is obvious that generational differences bring about differences in the quality of leadership as some generations demonstrate qualities of a leader better than others. As a nurse manager, it is very crucial that after noticing generational differences in the team, you go ahead and get the positive part of it for the benefit of the organization and everyone involved. The skill to view generational differences allows me to flex my style of leadership, reduce chances of conflicts as well as maximize the contribution of every member (Shacklock &Brunetto 2011).

As a nurse, it is always anticipated that the quality of leadership will change from one age group to another, hence the concept of generational differences comes in. As one ages in his or her careers as a nurse, their quality of leadership continues to improve up to a time when it falls again. The levels of leadership has a peak level in terms of age. However, it is important to note that in-born leaders will always be quality leaders irrespective of age (Shacklock&Brunetto2011).

Ideally, my understanding of generational difference helps me to be a good leader who is able to solve problems that arise between generations. Also, issues to do with communication and conflict resolution are also enhanced by my skill to notice generational differences within any team I am leading. I can also state that a certain generation can provide more quality leadership than another as discussed in the paper.


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