Leadership and manegement Essay Example

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Question 1

  1. Inability to effectively manage people with different values and personality Poor leadership-

  2. un-alienable personality resulting to personality clashes (Dewitty et al. 31-33, 37). Difference in personalities-

  3. Difference in communication style and inability to communicate some information effectively.Poor communication-

Question 2

  1. Consideration of different individuals’ needs is ideal for conflict management.Needs –

  2. Managing the of different individual’s perception is needed for conflict management.Perception-

  3. .(Lavelle 371-385)Managing the power of individuals is ideal in conflict management considering the sensitivity of power where it can be easily mismanaged Power-

  4. Putting the emotions of people into check is ideal as a component for conflict management.Emotions-

Question 3

  1. The cost used in training the recruited candidates Training cost-

  2. The cost used in fitting the recruited candidates in their new working positions. Work place integration cost –

  3. The cost for the salaries and benefits for the recruited candidates.Salary and benefits cost-

Question 4

  1. Reviewing job description and listening to the employees input on them to prevent conflict within job roles.

  2. .(Lavelle 371-385)Build relationship with subordinates intentionally and listening to their challenges and recognizing their accomplishment

  3. Conduct basic training on conflict management and interpersonal communication.

Question 5

  1. Coming up with a strategic initiative between the managers in other section within the organization workforce in listening to their shortcomings and challenges in effort to implement workplace improvement.

  2. Collaboration with managers of other section can be made through both adopting the same organization culture and business acumen focused on addressing the human resource needs (Dewitty et al. 31-33, 37).

  3. Collaboration with managers of other section can be made through alignment with the organization strategies prompt towards addressing the human resource needs.

Question 6

  1. This is also known as a job description is an assessment of the needs and purpose of a particular job and the way that this job should be carried out.

  2. A position description analysis includes a number of functions, skills and abilities required for this particular job position.

  3. A position description analysis also includes the education level, key terms as well as other job duties required for this particular job position.

Question 7

  1. Ensuing that the advertisement complies with the Commonwealth and New South Wales laws, ensure that the pay rates have been clearly disclosed and ensure that the recruiter or agencies disclose their name, contact details, individual or organization website as well as the individual or organization business number.

Question 8

  1. Ensure that the advertisement is not misleading or is written in a deceptive conduct.

  2. Ensure that the advertisement is not inform of bait advertisement.

  3. Ensure that the advertisement is compliant with the Spam Act 2003.

  4. Ensure that the pricing in the advertisement are compliant with the pricing regulations.

  5. Ensure that the advertisement is not in breach of the country’s or international trade mark laws

Question 9

Benefits of “open probes” include;

  1. Permit the Unlimited number of possible answers to the asked questions

  2. Ensure that the respondent could offer detailed response as well as ensuring that their answers can be clarifies and qualified.

  3. Ensure the possibility of anticipated findings to be met.

Key words that help in assembling an open probe account are;

Question 10

  1. This are questions where the individuals asking these question is trying to place some measurement on their responses; they include questions that start with; How well, How long and what is.Credential Questions-

  2. These are questions that assess an individual’s specialty in a particular area.Technical Questions-

  3. This are question that assesses an individual knowledge in a particular area based on their experiences. Experience-based Questions-

  4. These are question which ask for an individual to assess a situation and to provide the most viable solution to that situation.Situational (Hypothetical) Questions-

  5. — These are questions which ask for an individual’s opinion on something.Opinion Based Questions

  6. – Principle- These are questions which reviews and individuals behavior in particular situations. Behavioral Descriptive Interviewing Questions

Question 11

this is a test that evaluates the staffs professional expertise knowledge on a specific job.Job knowledge test-

this is a test that assesses the staffs behavior at their workplace.Personality test-