Leadership and Change Essay Example

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6Leadership and Change

Strengths and weaknesses

A major strength in my leadership situation is that I tend to motivate and inspire the employees working under me. I am able to accomplish and enhance this strength by making sure that the employee are moving in the right direction irrespective of the various challenges that they may face when accomplishing their duties. I also ensure that I tackle and try to fulfil the various untapped values, human needs and emotions. These plays an essential role as it helps in having a more engaged workforce. My other strength relates to be aspect of being decisive. Leaders are mostly expected to make the most appropriate decision based on the situation. I acknowledge the fact that I understand the situation at hand and am also aware that through some decision may be difficult they need to be made in the best interest of all individuals in the organization. I do not hesitate in making decisions and am aware of when the situation calls for collaborative decision making (Kotter, 2001). Another strength is that am accountable and I tend to take the responsibility of all employee performance. Based on this strength I tend to check on the employees and monitor and ensure the effectiveness of procedures and policies.

Despite the above stated strength I also have some weaknesses that I need to deal with to ensure that I am an effective leader in future. My major weakness is that a not a good listener and communicators. This takes a great toil on my role as a leader since I become less informed, more isolated and heavily reliant of out of date and irrelevant information since I get the information and data late. The other weakness is that though I tend to multitask there are instances when I tend to focus on one of tasks and thus end up not meeting deadlines of other tasks. I intend to develop my leadership capabilities by focusing more on solving my weaknesses as a leader and trying to maintain my strengths. I intend to take up lessons on being a good listener and communication since it will assist me a lot in being more informed on what is happening in the organization on a timely manner. I will also multitask and ensure that all tasks are completed on time (Kotter, 2001).

Leadership development worksheet

Date: 5/ 12/2015

Leadership development period: 6 Months

Priorities during the period

A major leadership behaviour that I will prioritize during the period is practicing to be a more visionary leader. This will be done by coming up with new and advanced ideas of improving the workplace. For example, if there is need of updating of technology used in the organization I will ensure they are undertaken so as ensure that the organization is technologically advanced and thus they will be able to compete with others in industry (Levin, 2012).

A leadership behaviour that I aim of strengthen in the leadership development plan is to communicate more on roles and responsibilities. This is likely to offer a successful path for both to me as the leader and the employees working in the organization. This will also involve a development plan for all of the employees and an improvement plan for those whose performance is wanting.

I intend to engage more in the

  • Motivating and coaching employees

  • Planning

  • Facilitate communication and

  • Tracking progress.

Benefits of achieving these goals

By benefits associated with achieving the above goals is that the organizational work is kept on track and they are completed on time and also within the budget. By motivating and coaching employees the organization is more likely to achieve better results for allocated task. Effective communication is also essential to the success of the organization.

How to measure success

The success of the goals will be measure by the output that the organization achieves in terms of profits. Other measures to be used are the satisfaction of the owners of the organization, the satisfaction of the employees and that of the customers.

Actions I will take to achieve the stated goals

A major action to engage in to achieve the stated goals is to involve other departmental heads in the planning, coaching, motivation the employees. This will be done from the onset until the last month. Another action is tracking progress on a timely basis and tackling any aspects that may be challenging the completion of tasks. This will be done from the second week since commencement of the leadership develop plan.

Resolving a poorly handled situation

Based on assignment two I handled the situation poorly of managing change and this was clearly depicted by the resistance I received from the employees who made it difficult to implement the changes in the organization. I would handle this situation by ensuring that I create an employee-oriented, trusting, and supportive environment prior to implementing the change. By employee consider me as being trustworthy and honest they will tend to be more loyal and get onboard for any likely changes. The efforts that I will have expended when developing such kind of relationship will be beneficial during the change process in that they will work well and generally during the implementation of the change (Kotter, 2007).

Another way of handling the situation is ensuring that I communicate about the change. I would make use of departmental colleagues, reporting staff and employees to communicate about the change. The manner in which the change is communicated to the employees is of great importance and determining factor on how the resistance will occur. I intend to communicate wholeheartedly so as to win the minds and hearts of the employees. I also understands that one essential factor in the reduction of resistance is to implement change in an environment that calls for that change. I will communicate the need for change in the organization making the process more realistic and acceptable by the employees (Anderson & Anderson, 2001). I will also inform the employees on the changes they need to take on as individuals. A considerable portion of resistance is normal it is more likely to disappear when employees are more informed on the benefits that will come along with the changes on an individual, group, departmental and organizational level. Through the above stated measures the restructuring of the operational procedures as well as the organizational structure will be effective and thus the organization will be able to control its costs.


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