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Leadership 3


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According to David Stanley, it is important for one to make a conclusive report based on their leadership and management through undertaking a variety of management practices. According to the writer management and leadership are diverse and different disciplines where each approach is entirely different. Leadership is seen as the process and a method of contributing which enables the process to be successful/ the process enables a leader to influence others and motivate them to achieve the set goal leaders are known to carry out the process of leveraging their leadership traits, values and knowledge. It is the responsibility of a leader to engage in a continuous process of education, training and experience. This is done through improving the leadership skills, inspiring the subordinates making and motivating them to raise the bar and helping them set higher goals. A leader is a team player. Leaders are more intuitive, solitary, emphatic and proactive who are well suited to manage the high risk involved businesses, due to their skills in dynamism. Managers stick to their plan and budget through setting goals, comparing their budget and actual results. It is common for managers being less dynamic, therefore not suitable for urgent decision making.

On the other hand, a manager is given the duty to control, administer and make decisions in a given organization. A manager acts like the supervisors where he gives authority to people on how, when and where to handle their responsibilities hence achieving his desired results. Managers are seen as the ultimate decision maker, the boss who dwells on past glory. Managers and leaders are essential in an organizational structure who help in running the organizational activities. Therefore the main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders are influencers while managers are controllers.

Part 2 Reflection Section

Based on this study, it is evident that different and management and also useful in an organizational structure due to their different characteristics and way of doing things. People tend to vie the two roles are mutually inclusive for organizational. It is important to leader in an organization as compared to a manager. This is because a leader is interested in the development of both the organization and the employees. To a leader, employees are important assets who should be encouraged and developed through training.

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