Leadership Essay Example

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There exist a number of definitions on leadership and the definition differs based on the situation and circumstance. Based on the article by Stanley et al 2010, clinical leadership is commonly seen as a new and merging term and in defining the term the article also makes reference to Bryan 2005 who defines clinical leadership as being the act of facilitating evidence based practices as well as improved patient’s outcomes as a result of local care. In relation to the article the clinical leadership who viewed from the theoretical perspective describes the clinical leader as the clinical expert in a certain area of specialty and one who makes use of their interpersonal skills with the aim of facilitating the quality of the care given to the patients (Stanley & Sherratt 2010). An essential aspect to note about is that clinical leadership is likely to be linked to the function of the clinically based practitioners in the nursing field.

I tend to concur with the fact that leadership tend to differ based on the circumstance and I also agree with the statement that the role assigned to managers however do not in any way constitute leadership. This is based on the idea that in most instances it is tasking to balance between the administrative constraints involved in the management with the inspirational virtues that true leaders should possess. This means that when though one may be a manager they may lack the leadership skills of inspiring others to be the best they can and this is more so in related to leadership in nursing context.


Stanley, D & Sherratt, A 2010, ‘Lamp light on leadership: clinical leadership and Florence Nightingale’, Journal of Nursing Management, vol. 18, pp. 115–121.