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Congruent Leadership

In my own practice as a nurse manager, I would candidly describe myself as a congruent leader. Through the congruent leadership theory, I can offer a stronger theoretical foundation from where clinical nurses can base their understanding on so as to become successful clinical leaders. On the other hand, transformational leadership theory may not be as effective as the congruent, as the former may be considered ineffective when it comes to giving insights to nurses on implementing clinical leadership skills (Stanley, 2008).

As a clinical leader, I do not rely only on the organization’s vision as well as my creativity, but also focus on translating beliefs and values into action. This is what congruent leadership is all about. In all what I do in my profession, I always preserve the core values and principle of nursing (Stanley, 2009). For instance, privacy and confidentiality is very crucial when it comes to dealing with patients and this has always been in my mind when interacting with them. Nursing practice is care-centered on the patient, and this is an aspect that has become part of my profession, hence promoting congruent leadership theory. Based on what I do as a nurse leader, I have in the past created successful teams of nurses who have advanced their careers to become clinical leaders (Stanley, 2009).

In conclusion, leadership is best understood when the most appropriate theory is applied and in clinical leadership, the most appropriate theory is the congruent leadership theory. A successful creation of clinical leadership is based upon the theory of congruent leadership where leaders are responsive to problems and challenges in congruent or in accordance with their values and beliefs (Stanley, 2008).


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