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This laboratory report presents an investigation of important contrasts between a set of images through variation of resolution of the initial images. This exercise is focused on finding the impact of resolution on images and the resulting impact on the quality of the images as a result of variation of the image resolution.

,1/4 and 1/8 the spatial appearance of the initial image. Observe and record your observation and provide a comment on the differences between each image.½IDL, thus creating an image at The images where generated by running them by

lab report 1



lab report 1 1

Image (2)


lab report 1 2

Image (3)

(64× 64)

lab report 1 3

Image (4)

(32 ×32)


Based on observations of the images above, image (1)(256×256) represents the initial image with the right qualities and distinct details while image (2)(128×128) represents the same image but has a reduced resolution to half of the original image. On the other hand, the image(3)(64×64) and image (4)(32×32) have their resolution altered to an eighth of the initial image.

  1. About Image (1) (256×256)

This image is a representation of the original image with the right qualities and details. In addition, there is increased resolution with a smaller pixel size, resulting into the possibility to see the details. This image shows all object borders and demonstrates a distinct contrast.

  1. About image (2) (128 ×128)

Special resolution has been reduced in this image to half of the initial image. There is blurred vision in this image and it covers the image, object borders also show blurred colours and there is a reduction of contrast between the images.

  1. About image (3) (64 ×64)

In this image, there is a reduced resolution to ¼ the size of the original image. The image appears blurred in comparison with image (2) and object borders also appear blurred, thus creating difficulty in seeing it while there is a reduced contrast of the image.

  1. About image (4) (32 ×32)

There is a change of special resolution to 1/8 of the initial size. There is increased blurriness within the entire image. In comparison with image (3), it is found to be burred increasingly and object borders cannot be seen. In addition, there is a reduction of the contrast in the image.

  • The same process has been repeated during the use of other kinds of images as can be seen from the figures illustrated above indicating the brain and the related images quality looks the same showing images of figures below the nose.

128×128) lab report 1 4(lab report 1 5lab report 1 6lab report 1 7


Image (1)

(128×128) )

Image (2)

(64 × 64) ) )

Image (3)

(32 ×32)) )

Image (4)

This exercise shows that when special resolution of an image is reduced, blurred images are produced while the borders of the images are not visible or disappear. In addition, there will be a contrast of the images when they are compared.

Generally, when images are solved with a higher resolution, smaller pixel size results are obtained. Consequently, it is possible to observe greater details of the image. On the contrary, low resolution results into bigger pixel size and observation of smaller details or loss of the image.


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