(Kristopher Parsons) 341 Discussion 6 Checklist Essay Example

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RFP Evaluation

RFP Evaluation

The Kristopher Parson’s RFP does not meet the RFP requirements. According to module six, RFP should be in Times New Roman and in font size 12. However, Kristopher Parson’s RFP is in Calibri, font 11. The document has an all margins art one inch as per RFP requirement and is within the required page margin. Unfortunately, the description of work does not include sub-contractors’ qualification, and also fails to mention that the proposed work meets standards and functional requirements set forth in the federal program regulations. In addition, there is no mention that the work will comply with applicable federal state county acquisition standards, making the proposal unqualified.

The proposal does not have a statement of work but rather contains a list of work description and deliverables. The deliverables characterize schedule of delivery. There is no specification on technical, privacy, and security requirements. The project also does not assign specific responsibilities to specific people. However, the proposal includes information about processes and standards for evaluations. Deliverables are placed in form of priority. Documentation requirements in the proposal are not clearly spelt out and are in fact missing. Other requirements that Kristopher Parson’s RFP fails to meet include lack of a well-defined cost targets, definition of roles of key staff, and evaluation and selection process with regards to technical and cost scoring. The Kristopher Parson’s RFP has in the executive summary a section of costing, yet the main body of the proposal costing is missing. The proposal also covers requirements by staff which includes software training and technical support. The plan also stipulates qualifications/job requirements of staff pursued to accomplish the project. The RFP is, however, clear on what is needed. It specifies that the desired software should be compatible with Windows 7 or higher, as well as mobile platforms and Mac operating system. Therefore, Kristopher Parson’s RFP does not meet RFP requirements (Southern New Hampshire University, n.d).


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