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The Korean War

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From the article and other documented historical artifacts, it is evident that the Korean War played a significant role in the development of the Cold war. Besides, as Hastings (2010) posits the War brought about the significant characteristics associated with the cold war. Further, much of the foreign policies being witnessed today in the United States were majorly shaped by the Korean War, which is often referred as the “The Forgotten War” (Hastings, 2010). In effect, this post seeks to expound more on the threat and relationship of the Korean War and the Cold war. It will also illustrate the effects or threat of the Korean War today.

A close analysis of the Korean War indicates that the War aimed at controlling the Korean peninsula was an emblem of global struggle between the West and the East. Whereas the North Korean troops, with the help of the Soviet Union, pushed into the South Korean Capital, Seoul, the U.S on the other side readied its troop for a war against socialism or communism. Notably, after the Word War II, the world superpowers, particularly, the U.S and the USSR, were exhausted financially. Thus, they did not want to involve themselves in direct wars as their economies had been adversely affected by the heavy investments that had been incorporated in both the World War I and II.

However, both the U.S and the USSR did not want to appear weak and as such involved themselves in conflicts such as the Korean War indirectly by supporting their favorite sides. Other conflicts, in which these superpowers participated, were the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnamese war. Therefore, the Korean War shaped the Cold War since the U.S feared that if it did not support South Korea, communism would spread; an ideology the U.S was totally against. Conversely, the USSR was after spreading the communist ideology and as such it was ready to fight for its partners in order to maintain the status quo. In fact, a State Department official asserted in a letter in 1947 that if the U.S abandoned Korea, the world would interpret that America had failed to maintain its position with regards to the Far East.

Evidently, the Korean War played a major role in shaping the U.S foreign policies on the South and North Korea. Accordingly, since the war, there has been a longstanding America-South Korea relationship, which even resulted in the formation of a free trade agreement between the two countries in 2007. On the other hand, the relationship between the U.S and North Korea has been dire as the U.S imposed a total economic embargo in North Korea since 1950 although some sanctions have somewhat been eased. The threat of the 1948 Korean War still remains as the relationship between the North and South is still dire and there have been several border conflicts threats. Besides, North Korea has often threatened to develop nuclear weapons, which is against the U.N’s policies and to larger extension the West; the same applies to Russia.


Hastings, M. (2010). The Korean War. Pan.

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