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Data can be defined as raw facts and figures that relay something specific. Data is unorganized and does not provide further information about the context or information. Davenport and Prusak (2000) defined data as facts and figures that have no structure and least impact the job of managers. Data is also a description of the world through raw facts which are true regardless of the context. For example the height of a person measured in metres is data.


According to Davenport and Prusak (2000), information is data that is contextualized, categorized, calculated and condensed. Unlike data information is relevant and is their for a purpose. The purpose of information mostly in existence to answer questions of who, what, when, where and how many. The function of IT in most companies is to process data into information. On the other hand the human brain gives data context thus turning it into information.

Knowledge is can be defined a familiarity gained through one life experiences or association. According to Davenport and Prusak (2000) knowledge entails the beliefs and norms a person uses to evaluate the inputs from his surroundings. Knowledge can also be reffered as the capacity of an individual to understand his environment. In summary, knowledge can be summed up as mixture of fluid framed experiences, contextual information, grounded intuation, expert insight that is a platform and framework for evaluation and incorporation of new inputs from the environment. Knowledge is mostly found in practices and norms of an organization rather than in respositories like books.


Davenport, T. H., & Prusak, L. (2000). Working knowledge: How organizations manage what they know. Harvard Business Press.