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2. There are still considerable deficiencies in the quality of the proposal including a number of areas that have previously been discussed.

3. One telling issue is that the proposal contains very little acknowledgement of the difficulties that have been always evident in trying to ‘prove’ the relationship between HRD and organisation agility. This is important because I think your response to our direction for greater precision in your research question and focus is to orient your work to demonstrating/quantifying the relationship between HRD and agility in the Jordanian retail sector. Highlighted through an added paragraph on page 7.

4. To our mind you have not taken up the suggestions to examine career management in the retail- against the problematic evident in international scholarship about the lack of/restricted scope of career management in retail. This is OK if replaced by something suitable but to our mind you have not crafted your proposal around an identifiable gap in knowledge. Additionally the contribution to knowledge is not well identified. Have modified the research question pertaining to organisational learning and its affect on organisational agility.

5. The methodology session remains very problematic. Improvised through an added paragraph on start of page 23.