Key theme of big history; complexity Essay Example

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The modern world has become more complex since it was modernized into a global village. Complexity of the world can be viewed from different angles and different topics. In addition, the ways of living has also changed and the thinking needed at the moment for a person to live in the same world must also bring everyone together. Therefore, this means that everyone must get a way to think in a manner of togetherness rather than in an exclusive manner. In this study therefore, the researcher will try to explain how complexity tie with the topics discussed below. Hence as we proceed in trying to construct and make such a history of the world, we might soon find that, even though the details and approaches of the history are those that resemble the twentieth century, the shape it has taken and the main aims are equivalent to the ones of the traditional Creation Myths in the bible. Therefore, the key theme of this unit is the complexity of the world from the beginning of the universe to the modern society.1

1 Christian, David. Maps of Time: An introduction to Big History. Newyork: Carlifornia Press, 2011. p. 117