Key learnings Essay Example

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Key Lessons — A Reflection

  • From the HR leadership study, the following lessons emerge:

    • Children are very impressionable; they will most likely believe that stereotypes apply to them. However, anti-bias education can counter the negative stereotypes by improving the children’s ability to cope, as well as enhancing the children’s ability to embrace and respect diversity.

    • It is never too early to start teaching a child what their self-identity is, and how to appreciate and be proud of whom they really are.

  • From the HR leadership learning, several lessons about the school culture emerge. They include:

    • Programs that affect children always need approval from the school administration or in some cases, from higher authorities in the education sector. Understandably, such approvals are necessary to ensure that children are only exposed to what is beneficial to their growth and development.

    • Although teachers have different classes and varying responsibilities, working together on particular projects is ideal since they can brainstorm, or evaluate what each other is doing. Additionally, there are interesting group synergies that emerge whenever teachers cooperate while working on a project.

    • Parents are an major source of support for any school program

  • The influence of HR leadership learning will influence my work as an educational leader especially in anti-bias related school activities since in future, I will not only focus on creating diversity awareness and the need to understand and appreciate each other’s differences, but will also aim to empower children with coping skills. I also look forward to more partnerships with the teaching staff as well as parents, since I now understand that successful programs require the participation of all key stakeholders.