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3Key Concept


In the past few decades, improvement of technologies has increased the role played by celebrities in the lives of young consumers. Contemporary culture of internet and mass media, celebrities, and visual and verbal messages, they communicate reach millions of young people worldwide. As a result of this exposure, the influence of celebrities has increased as they have become an effective tool in communicating. In relation to this, sports celebrities, in particular, have become part of socialization which is a process through which people are expected to have behaviors that are said to be socially desirable. As a process, individuals, in this case the young people interact with the people around and the environment in the process of self discovery.

Social science researchers argue that during their transition to adulthood, young people tend to develop identity through various social groups including peers. In the process they encounter external evaluation from their peers and this result to them having high engagement in the consumption of particular products including fashion that is closely tied to personality and identity. From the research conducted by Dix et al. (2010) sports people endorsers have an affirmative influence on young people’s complaint behavior, brand loyalty, and switching behavior, for insatnce. As such, they have been perceived as a role model and greatly influence young adults in their behavioural intention and purchase. One would then argue that sport celebrities, as assumed are important socialization agents. Indeed, this is related to what social learning theory asserts that consumer learn certain behaviors, attitude, skills through observing other people.


Dix, S., Phau, I., & Pougnet, S. (2010). ‘Bend it like Beckham’: the influence of sports celebrities on young adult consumers. Young Consumers, 11, 1, 36-46