Justification of Recommendations of Management Skills Essay Example

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Article 5

The managerial practices of MIT use team building skills at a very great extent. The CEO likes working with the managerial teams and always wants the decisions to come from the team. But this is not always the right way to go. As a recommendation under team building skills, the managers should always focus on the objectives of the organization. The objectives of an organization are the core goals that the organization tries to meet in its operations. An organization which does not meet its objectives can be termed as a failure. To meet the organizations objectives, the managers should exercise the adequate power as bestowed to them by the organization and always see to it that every action and decision made is in line with the objectives set down by the organization (Yukl 2006, p8). Still under team building skills, the executive management should consider the opinions of the senior managers. As it can be seen from the interview report, the manager sees the executive management as mystic. This is because it does not take considerations from the senior management. The management of any organization should always works for the same purpose. The purpose is well defined in the objectives of the institution. To manage the institution efficiently and ensure that it meets the objectives set, it must integrate every opinion that is deemed fit for efficient management.(Constructing Excellence 2004, p 37 ). The executive management should realize that the senior managers are more informed than them because they are closer to the operations. Therefore suggestions from them should be considered. Lastly under team building, the manager should be given additional resources and authority to scale up or scale down processes when the need arises. The interview report indicates that the managers in MIT do not have adequate resources to deal with the relevant operations. For instance during enrollment, the admissions manager is overwhelmed with great work due to lack of adequate human and operational resources. For a manager to be able to have a great output, relevant resources that are needed by him/ her must be made available. Also since the manager is in direct contact with the situation on the ground, he/she should have the power to alter operations to adopt to the real situations on the ground.

Under dispute resolution, managers should be trained well in interview skills in order enhance supportive communication and collaboration. In MIT, the manager had not seen any serious conflicts amongst the team members or against the team and himself. This is due to the fact that he exercised dialogue amongst the team members and himself. He always allowed for discussions to take place in order to come up with a decision. However, he often did not stand up to his opinions against the team. The team manager lacked the interview skills to enhance supportive communication within the team. The skills may be difficult to cultivate alone hence the need for training on interview skills. Effective interview skills should be able to guide a discussion well within the bounds of the objectives of an institution and come up with the most appropriate decision (Kline 2007, p 309).


The need to implement any goal in an institution is supposed to be a collective effort within the management of the institution. The need to increase enrollment in MIT was the challenge facing the institution. It had a competent manager but he lacked some of the skills needed to propel an institution of such magnitude. He had excellent team skills but needed to work on his leadership and decision making skills in order to be able to make critical decisions affecting the institutions. The executive management should realize the management is a team work and should give the opinions of the senior management considerations since they are in direct contact with the situations on the ground. The management of the institution is a good one but its major setback is some of the practices discussed in the report. With the necessary attention given to the setbacks, the institution will be able to achieve its goals.


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