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Journal Response; the scene of the screen

At the beginning of her work, Vivian quotes the words of Elaine Scarry which says that we make things which in turn make us. She goes forward to explain her statement by saying that the technologies we use in writing and fine arts do remake us something which I agree with. The way we are using our current technology such as the photocopier machines are something which is shaping our everyday life and consequently making us; meaning, they are enabling us to perform things which are impossible for us to function without their existence. However, there is that technology which even has a greater impact according to Vivian such as the telescope, microscope, and the x-rays. They are not only changing our expression of the world and us but also our sense of us in very radical ways. I stand to support this, before the innovation of this sophisticated gadgets, no one thought that we had the capacity to do all that we are doing nowadays with the help of these machines. For instance, we can see very tiny things by use of the microscope. Vivian says that recently, with the evolution of technology, we were radically remade by the making of gadgets such as the camera, cinema, television and the computer. Right, our life has completely changed- it has been transformed- this technology is shaping our daily life both socially and economically. Socially because for instance, the computer has come with social media platforms like Face book where people are interacting and exchanging ideas. The television to has a great influence, through the programs aired, our lives are significantly affected. In the economic perspective, almost every business venture across the world is using the computer.

The author says that technology has also significantly changed our way of communication and I give her a 100% support. In the past, communication between distant people was quite slow and at times almost impossible. Nowadays someone in China can communicate with someone in Canada just at a glance through the use of the computer or the mobile phone. The news is being anchored through the television, and people globally can watch online. Vivian says that nowadays people understand and describe their bodies regarding the computer programs. This is the case; people now know how their mind works and their body parts in the same way as the computer. There are certain micro perceptual aspects of our engagement with perpetual technologies of photographic, cinematic, and electronic representations that have often been overlooked. I agree with this while using all this technology; our mind is indeed glued to them. We tend to focus so much on them such that we can not know what is happening just a few meters from us. Seeing things in the television gets into us, it is not just on the surface of our eyes but also inside us. We can see those images being displayed not just manually but also technologically. However though millions of benefits came with technology, there are still some disadvantages that came with it. For instance, as Vivian puts it, technology has eroded our culture. People watch other people’s culture on the television and admire it which consequently makes them change their culture. I stand to support those who are proud of their culture and can’t allow technology to erode it. In general, Vivian did a great job on analyzing the recent technology; television, cinema, cameras and the computer. I tend to agree with almost her views since they are well researched and a clear illustration of what is happening nowadays.