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3Journal Research Task

Journal research Task

Journal research Task

Michael Smith has explored a new model that can be applied in urban planning in preindustrial and ancient cities that transcends traditional dichotomy that grouped cities as either organic or planned. The author looks at many forms that can be used in arrangement of buildings. Standardization in cities has been explored using architectural inventories, orientation, spatial patterns, and metrology (Smith, 2007). Smith traces buildings in ancient cities and what affected the form of design and presentation. Smith has explored a broader topic as compared to Yan and Hsiao who have explored ancient China crossbow. The two articles look at structures and presentation and hence there is some similarity on the topics that are being explored by the respective authors. Hsiao and Yan have narrowed down on investigating the ancient Chinese crossbows. A crossbow is a weapon that was used in ancient China. The different types of crossbows have been discussed. The mechanism structure of the ancient crossbow used in China is the main theme of the article (Hsiao & Yan., 2012). While Smith looks at buildings in ancient cities, Yan and Hsiao have based their research on a tool that was used as a weapon in Ancient China. Both articles have diagrammatic presentation and vivid explanations of what the authors are talking about. Both articles are educative and informative to anyone who is interested in urban planning and ancient structural design.


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