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Journal for Technology, Energy and Civilization

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Renaissance Era (1460 – 1600) was the golden age of creativity which brought about a revolutionary change in the cultural, social and economic outlook of mankind. Great achievement ushered in a new era of Humanist thoughts and ideas that resulted in a lot of innovation and inventions. One of the greatest inventions of this period was the Printing Press by Johann Guttenberg in the 1450’s, which revolutionized the information system to a great extent and helped to increase literacy among the people. The Printing Press served to be a paradigm shift in language development and learning, making communication much easier.

The period of Renaissance also saw inventions such as tools like the screwdriver and wrench, cast- iron pipes and the rifle barrel etc. The Italian physicist, Galileo – Galilei, referred to as the ‘father of science’ made many observations in the field of astronomy and improved upon the telescope. Affordable energy is the backbone of any nation and looking back at the period of Renaissance, we find that energy production has evolved in leaps and bounds since then. During this era, transportation was by land

making use of animals such as horses and cattle. To feed these animals a lot of farmland was used. However, later as advancements were made in the field of energy by the ushering in of natural gas, electricity, nuclear and solar energy and hydropower, the use of wood and coal has significantly decreased.

Today, energy is being produced in abundance and is being utilized more efficiently than it was during the period of Renaissance. Everyday life has been made much more easier than the earlier times when people really struggled for everything they needed. The primary driving force behind economic progress is affordable energy. Higher benefits are achieved through affordable energy which has in turn served to revolutionize our economy as well as to advance technology.

Modern Technological advancements in the field of Science and Technology has served to make the world a smaller place by helping us to keep close to one another through transport and communication. For example, visiting places was next to impossible before the advancements made in transport. Now we have transport that can take us to any part of the world by air, land and water and that too within a very short time. Another good example is the invention of the internet through which we get so much information as well as helps us keep in close touch with relatives and associates the world over. Because of these advancements trade and commerce has flourished and the standard of living which was quite low has been raised to a reasonable level making life much more easier than before.

Contemporary technology has helped us come a long way and contributed to raising our standard of living making it more stress free and enjoyable. When considering the 21tst century scenario of the most high tech modern living, it makes me realize how much our ancestors would have suffered for even the basic things of life. When comparing between the two it has contributed to making me more appreciative of the advancements made in our present day Science and Technology and Transport and Communication that we enjoy today.


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