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The study is a meta-analysis about the weight gain by the students when they join the first year of university in North America (Vadeboncoeur, Townsend & Foster, 2015). The article identifies the issue as Freshmen 15 as some have branded it the 15th myth. The hypothesis indicates that the transition from secondary school to university is a period of body weight changes and unhealthy lifestyle adoption leading to the weight gain by the students. The findings indicate that 60.9% of the students gained weight during their freshman year.

The study was quantitative research utilizing the meta-analysis of the data. The data was collected from six standards electronic databases. The information from the sources were from 1980-2014 (Vadeboncoeur, Townsend & Foster, 2015). A systematic approach was also used during the collection of the data.

The research mainly involved the use of secondary sources of data collection. This means that the participants were not directly involved in the research. However the sampling of the participants in the sources involved the gender and age. All the participants were also students in their first year at the university (Vadeboncoeur, Townsend & Foster, 2015). The sampling method was appropriate as the study mainly involved the freshmen.

The instrument that was used to collect the data was reliable and valid. Standard deviation as well as other statistical methods was utilized during the process of collecting the data (Vadeboncoeur, Townsend & Foster, 2015). The presence of such tests is an indication of reliability.

The main strength of the article involved the use of a high number of data sources. However, its limitation is on the use of articles that are more than twenty years which affects the accuracy of the information. The strengths however impacts positively on the interpretation of the findings.


Vadeboncoeur, C., Townsend, N., & Foster, C., (2015). A meta-analysis of weight gain in first year University students: is freshman 15 a myth? BMC Obesity 2(22), 1-9