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Job Descriptions for Director/Principal, Assistant Principal and Registrar of International School. Essay Example

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Job Description

Job Descriptions for Director

Scope and Nature of Job

The Director will supervise the operations in the school. The Director will engage with different stakeholders. The Director will report to the management of the school.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be a bridge between the school and the management

  • Supervise and ensure the Principal and other stakeholders play their respective roles

  • Supervise the budget and review whether the budget reflects the objectives of the institution

  • Participate in formulation and implementation of strategies

Preferred Qualities and Qualifications

  • Degree in any business related course

  • Experience in educational matters

  • Effective communication skills

  • Team player and problem solver

Job Descriptions for Principal

Scope and Nature of Job

The school Principal is the educational leader responsible for advancing procedures, regulations, and policies to ensure the learners are provided effective supervision in a safe environment and learning based on appropriate mission and curricula of the school.

The school Principal is supposed to collaborate in directing and nurturing the entire school stakeholders and encouraging effective communication among the stakeholders. Some of the responsibilities that the Principal has to accomplish include facility operations, emergency procedures, personnel management, extracurricular and curriculum development. The Principal reports to the management of the institution.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for coordination of all matters education in the institution

  • Responsible for the development, evaluation, promotion of diverse instructional program based on the level of education

  • Define and develop change strategies to align the requirements of the institution with the requirements of students in perspective of short term and long term goals

  • Manage financial requirements

  • Management of the institution employees

  • Advancing effective record keeping and other measures to manage institutional records

  • Engage and create a supportive environment to fulfill the requirements of the staff

  • Coordinate student advisory programs and groups

  • Perform other important duties based on the requirements of the school management

  • Attend and represent the institution based on the regulations and policies in place

  • Delegate duties and responsibilities based on the legislations and directives in place

Preferred Qualities and Qualifications

  • Recognized administrative and teaching credentials

  • Good communication skills: written and oral

  • Administrative or and teaching experience in international schools

  • Sense of humor and ability to solve puzzles

  • Have techniques and expertise in information technology as an educational tool

  • Appreciation to internationalism in education

Job Descriptions for Assistant Principal

Scope and Nature of the Job

The Assistant Principal main job responsibility is monitoring, supervising and disciplining the students. The Assistant Principal operates under the Principal of the institution and the Assistant Principal Implements and enforces school board regulations, administrative rules and board policies. The Assistant Principal assumes the responsibilities and duties of the Principal in the absence of the Principal.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assist in registration and orientation of the students and activities of the institution

  • Provide assistances in establishment and development of institution objectives and goals and create mechanisms to achieve these requirements

  • Providing modalities in enforcing or implementing strategic objectives of the institution

  • Evaluating and remediating on the school program

  • Coordination and involvement in budgetary requirements of the institution

  • Addressing and handling disciplinary procedures

  • Communicating and coordinating the institution formal structure

  • Facilitation of organizational efficiency e.g. encouraging effective communication channels and cultivating positive student attitudes

  • Providing assistance in record keeping e.g. inventory and supervision of necessary materials, equipment, textbooks, and supplies

  • Delegate duties based on the directives of the Principal

  • Assisting in planning and implementing the school program to reflect the requirements of policies, regulations and standards

Preferred Qualities and Qualifications

  • Effective communication skills

  • Extensive knowledge and experiences in educational matters

  • Having professional and personal attributes, such as punctuality and role model

Job Descriptions for Registrar

Scope and Nature of the Job

A Registrar performs numerous responsibilities and duties. The duties and responsibilities include providing student services, creation, and maintenance of student records, enrollment and transfer of students based on the requirements or directives. The Registrar reports to the Principal of the school.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Registers the students through completing the intake process and assessment of the student

  • Provides assistive assistance to different stakeholders regarding student information and accomplishment

  • Records and stores students academic information and related historical information

  • Reviews available information to adhere to the regulations, policies and standards

  • Preparation of numerous reports and records regarding student enrollment

  • Prepares and provides effective paperwork or records for admission or readmission purposes

  • Frequent review of student information regarding accuracy, currency, and completeness based on the legislation in place

  • Contribute to collective development of the institution through participating in the school functions and activities

Preferred Qualities and Qualifications

  • Understanding numerous requirements and expectations of curricula

  • Effective utilization of numerous databases

  • Experience and technique in accomplish the students requirements

  • Effective communication skills: oral and written

  • Continuous personal development through attending seminars and workshops

  • Can work in teams towards achieving of institution’s requirements

  • Creativity and innovation to advance the requirements of the institution