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The three job openings are all related to social work and include:

  1. Case worker
    for a full-time job in downtown Dallas, Texas. The responsibilities cut across different departments with an annual salary that ranges between$40,281.00 and $68,419.00.

  1. The minimum qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in social work and the arts in social sciences. A personal vehicle and a valid driver’s licence are essential.

  2. Privilege is given to bilingual applicants with three years’ experience and availability during weekends.

  3. Experience in counselling victims of violence and conducting case management services are essential.

  1. Social worker instructor in Fort Collins for a part-time job where the applicant has mid-level experience. The main responsibilities are related to assisting students achieve their career and education goals. The work includes the management of student course content online, engage the students in discussions through the use of clear communication, and coach the students[ CITATION Wes17 l 1033 ].

  1. Baccalaureate degree in the specific field of focus

  2. Two years of experience, technologically savvy, have a degree from an institution accredited by a United States Secretary of Education and or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) agency. In the case of institutions that are not within the U.S. there must be an equivalent acceptable by international standards.

  3. There is preference for a graduate degree and for candidates that are residents of North Colorado.

  1. Victim Advocate Coordinator in the army department at the National Army Guard Units in Middletown CT as a permanent and fulltime employee. The pay grade is GS9 and the annual salary ranges between $55,175 and $71,731.

        1. The responsibilities include working with the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) of JFHQ to work at the victims support services department as the designated specialist.

        2. The minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences with a focus on psychology and human resources from an accredited institution is essential.

        3. Requirements include membership with the National Guard with 6 months of specialized experience in the support of SARC and VA. The writing of technical reports is a also an essential requirement.

Job 2: Social Worker Instructor: Application Form

Top of Form

Apply for this Position

* Required fields (All the fields marked with an asterisk must be filled).

First Name: Katerina

Email Address: [email protected]

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Phone Number: 77667

  1. Who referred you to this application?

  1. What is your highest achieved level of education?

A college Bachelor of Gender and Development Degree with a minor in Psychology

  1. What is your earliest possible start date?

10th September 2017

  1. In 150 characters, describe the things that make you unique. Focus on originality and creativity that attracts attention.

The fact that I can handle different tasks at a time and still find time to dance salsa for relaxation purposes is one of the unique traits which I transmit to all those within my environment. As a millennial, I focus on fulfilment in every aspect of my life thus the drive to combine passion, recreation, and work while maintaining professionalism. I am driven, curious, dedicated to the completion of projects. That way, the engagement of students in their studies and the encouragement of their focus on long-term goals and aligning them with their daily activities is a possibility since I live it. I worked online for three years of my life and am technologically savvy in the use of the internet, teaching tools and programs, and communication systems among other technologically advanced teaching methods. With my background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and counselling, selecting me shall not be a mistake whatsoever.

  1. This job prefers applicants that are located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kindly indicate your area of residence and your relocation plans in case you do not reside within Fort Collins, Colorado.

My contract with the Tarpo Industries limited ends on the 20th of August after which I shall return to my home town, Colorado and settle on the 28th August 2017.

  1. Please indicate your desired salary for the position

I hope to receive $100, 000 per annum or thereabout. 

Bottom of Form


Mobile number: 77667 Email address: [email protected]



Identification No: 28710387

Nationality: American

Postal Address: P O BOX 22623-00200 North Colorado

Physical Address: 58

Languages: Excellent in written and oral English and French and

fairly fluent in Mandarin

Career Goals: (i) Become part of a world class company where I can explore my potential, grow, and make a significant impact in the lives of people through social work, counselling, development, and gender equality.

(ii) To utilize talents and abilities through innovation of new world problem solutions.

(iii) Eventually become an informed, professional, and an all-round employer.


Year/duration Institution Qualification or Award

2011 – 2016 Naropa University Bachelor of Arts Gender & Development

2015-2016 Naropa University Proficiency in French

2006- 2009 Evangelical Christian Academy and attained B

1998- 2005 Stanley British Primary School Attained Grade A


Gender issues and possible solutions Inbound Marketing

Counselling Psychology

Translation French/English


DEC 2009-JAN 2010 Salesperson at Spear Supermarket

JUN 2010-JAN 2011 Volunteer at Mizpah Prayer Center and Orphanage

2013-2014 Salsa studio Manager — MiST Entertainment

2014 Intern at World Vision International

JAN 2015-APRIL 2015 English Teacher and Youbian Xuexiao, Nanchang Province, China

FEB 2017- CURRENT I/O Psychologist Consultant at Tarpo Industries Ltd., Kenya


Blogging, creating cartoon videos, volunteering in service of humanity, reading, dancing salsa, travelling, playing the guitar and piano, swimming, cycling, and singing.

Cover Letter

I am interested in the position of social work instructor as advertised online. I have relevant experience gathered over three years and an education to match with a Bachelor’s degree in Gender and Development Studies and Psychology. As a millennial and having worked with children and people of diverse cultures, selecting me for this position shall be a decision that you shall not regret.

I am dedicated to my work and have experience in management and leadership since I currently work as a consultant where I work closely with the management. My patience and psychological knowledge and experience in the same has been put to the test occasionally while I was a teacher in China in 2015 and when I was a salsa dance manager where I was in charge of a class of fifty students and three instructors in 2014. I can engage students of all ages and lead motivation and engagement activities to ensure morale as that is my current specialty at Tarpo Industries as an I/O Psychologist.

I look forward to get a positive response from you. Thank you.

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