Jeremy Nelson’s Discussion on Celebrity Endorsements

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Jeremy Nelson’s Discussion on Celebrity Endorsements

Jeremy Nelson’s Discussion on Celebrity Endorsements

Over the past decades, the application on celebrities in marketing particular in endorsing products had become common among big companies. Nownes (2012, p.476) pointed out that despite the trend continuing, a new one has been found in the current years where celebrities are getting involved in political causes. As the trend continues, more people have voiced their opinion either in support or against stars move in such causes. One of such people is Jeremy Nelson who has given his opinion on how stars should use their public appeal to endorse candidates or causes. This paper argues agree with Jeremy Nelson’s articulated explanation.

Celebrities are people who command a huge following and such influence should not go to waste a there are fans who depend on them to provide direction for a better life. However, such endorsement should only be one issue which brings positive change to the society. For instance, over the years, Bill Gates using his “Gates Foundation” has endorsed several programs which fight hunger across the globe (Stone, 2014). In addition, celebrities also are part of the larger society and anything politics which affect humanity also affects them hence they also need to share their opinions. This argument can be backed by freedom of expression which is a universal right. Nevertheless, they must have a great grasp of issues and understand what such candidates stand for otherwise their opinion may just affect their careers. Nelson also explained that there some causes which highly need people with public support or influence. In this way, celebrities are greatly needed to drive such causes. For instance, Stone (2014) contended that music-star Bono has been using his influence to endorse hunger elimination programs.

Nelson did a great job in his explanation of whether celebrity endorsements really persuade the public or merely focus media attention on the cause. The truth is that political endorsement often sways some voters to vote or a particular candidate. Celebrities have a huge fan base that uses them as a point of reference. Therefore, some fans make decision to vote for a candidate endorse by their celebrity. For instance, researches showed that some people were influenced by Oprah Winfrey to vote for President Barack Obama in 2008 (Pease & Brewer, 2008, p. 387).


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