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Media Reflections of Boston Marathon Coverage

I support use of social media to cover Company news. Technology has allowed a lot of people to access social media such as Twitter which implies that news reach a huge population within a short time. For instance, the Boston Globe provided broad Twitter Live coverage of the dramatic events that took place on the Boston Marathon. Boston Marathon use of social media indicates that it’s actually possible to use social media to cover news in real time.

ASNE guidelines on social media transparency are essential in that it prevents spread of false information. Transparency during the live reporting of Boston Marathon tragedy could have prevented rumours and insensitive images from being published on Twitter. There was misinformation regarding suspects’ names, religious ties of the suspects, and number of casualties’ Social media journalism requires excellent professional to ensure high quality and credibility of shared information during crisis

I think the massive media coverage of the Boston marathon bombing made it easier for the suspects to be arrested and charged. However, social media is not the ideal channel to break news because it’s not optimized to offer adequate space for providing detailed events that took place. For instance, Twitter provides approximately 140 characters for users to give their story. Additionally, publishing news on the company website can make it seem legit to consumers as compared to posting on Twitter.