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Its a letter to the immigration for exceptional reasons and apologies Essay Example

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Dear sir/ madam


I am writing this letter to humbly apologies for my lateness in renewing my student VISA. I am a male student at the Griffith University, Brisbane, and the state of Queensland. I am a foreign student, sponsored by Kuwait’s ministry of higher education since 2010. My student VISA is soon expiring and my renewal request is likely to stretch beyond my VISA’s expiry date. I am fully aware that it is a requirement by the Australian Immigration laws to renew my VISA when it expires. My failure to do so was due to the tight schedule in my studies which saw me focus more on my lectures and other learning events. Additionally, I don’t have a full understanding of all the laws that govern immigration and related issues.

It is a humble request that my VISA be exempted from expiry as I go through the process of applying for its renewal. Being a sponsored student from a humble family, it would be very difficult for my family to raise my fair back to the country in case of deportation. Additional, my educational progress would suffer a great setback and my home government may terminate the sponsorship offered to me. I am a diligent and honest person and the decision to deport me will negatively impact the strong relationship between my government and me. Such a decision would also cause me unfathomable frustration and stinking embarrassment. I deeply regret my failure to start the VISA renewal process in time and promise to get more familiar with the country’s immigration laws.

I request with humility that you exercise your esteemed discretion in this matter. Your decision to extend my academic stay in Australia as I await my VISA renewal would be would be the finest of all. I will be immeasurably grateful to God and the immigration department if my apologies and request is granted. I pray that you take into consideration the events that have led to the misunderstanding in renewing my student VISA in time and the undesirable consequences these may result into.

It is my humble plea that in this matter you exercise mercy and understanding. I reaffirm my loyalty to the Griffith University and the country in general for being hospitable and friendly. I hope that the above mentioned request will work. I will be most grateful for your consideration and feedback.

Yours sincerely,