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Reflection on of Human Rights issues

During our criminology lectures, we looked at various human resource issues. Specifically we looked into the rights of prisoners, women, and international human rights as well as children rights. This essay seeks to provide a personal reflection and reaction on these lectures.

About the rights of prisoners, I think they also need to be accorded some rights just as other human beings. I applaud the international law on human rights that upholds that prisoners have a right to live. I also conquer with the some of the legislations under the body of principles for imprisoned or detained persons that focus on the prisoner’s rights. For instance, Principle 6 states that no individual should be subjected to torture. Similarly, the first principle puts forth that any detained person should be treated with respect and in a human manner, and is also stipulated under ICCPR art two which fathoms that general human rights apply to every person (Shelton, 2015). In this case, the general legislations include the freedom to security and liberty, a life free of discrimination, freedom to a fair trial, the right to privacy, the right to religion as well as freedom of expression are entirely is congruent with human rights. Despite these legislations set in place, I feel that a majority of our judicial systems do not adhere to them, as corruption, favoritism, discrimination and unfair justice among other unethical judicial behaviors have taken prevalence. Overall about prisoner’s human rights, I think there is a strong need to instill discipline in the judicial systems to ensure that prisoners are accorded some freedom and treated with utmost respects and in a humane manner just as other citizens. However, I am of the opinion that, prisoners need to be accorded excessive freedom, they need to be denied some rights such as being locked up as a means of instilling discipline in them.

During our tenth lecture, we focused on women rights and I gained many rights on women issues and problems. I learnt that women face problems in almost all spheres of life ranging from their health issues, their nutrition, education or sex. For instance, women were forced into early marriages, being judged by their capability to give birth and their position was only perceived to be in the kitchen, they were also not allowed to hold public offices as they perceived to be inferior. Further, I also learned that there are women that are exposed to forced labor most of which were minor jobs such as agricultural jobs without their wish. They also suffered from different forms of violence. In my view, I think that such acts and practices on women were infringing their human rights (Shelton, 2015). Women need to be accorded the same level of treatment men are given. I feel that in the last decade there has been an improvement on how women are treated due to the increase in the number of activists who are advocating for their rights.

The lecture on children’s human rights was also of great significance to my understanding of human rights. During the lecture, I learned that even children are also denied their human rights. I learned that children are forced into sexual abuse, prostitution, recruited into the army at younger, slavery, cruel punishment and also female genital mutilation. I feel that more attention should be given to their rights with a close emphasis on their human rights such family protection, education, the right to live and also right to good health among other human rights. Furthermore, I recommend that strong action should be taken against adults who infringe children.


Shelton, Dinah. Remedies in international human rights law. Oxford University Press, USA, 2015.