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Islamic Popular Culture and the new identity of Indonesian Muslim Youths 4

Islamic Popular Culture and the new identity of Indonesian Muslim Youths

Islam is one of the vastly established religions and movements in the world just like Christianity. Many nations, Indonesia being one of them, have a vast wealth of Islamic faithful who have advanced every step that leads them to realize the innate nature and profitability of their religion. The Islamic activities and sentiments are spread from the old to the young as a process of growth and development. As ascribed in the article, many Muslim youth in Indonesia have a vast understanding of the Islamic culture and religion. They are advanced into the culture to an extent that they are able to formulate other mechanisms of making profit from the Muslim culture. For instance, there is a recent development of Ayat-Ayat Cinta movie that helps to increase fame and understanding of the Islamic culture and way of life. Through such advancement by the youth, many other Muslims from different countries are able to access profitability and gains from progressing their culture and belief (Hariyadi 2009, p. 4).

Many changes in the Islamic religion in Indonesia have been happening for the last decade. The religion has turned out to be a multifaceted activity that can be used to derive satisfaction and credit in different ways. The identification of the fact that the youth are a new generation ascribes to an understanding that there are traces of difference that can be noted with the manner in which the youth are responding to the teachings of Islam as a religion. With new intends and changing trends in the general living, many youth have turned the religion into a more benefiting affair without compromising its significance to their future existence and sustainability in the world. Other Muslim youth and clergy in the world are even appreciating such changes. Therefore, the article has exemplified different ways in which Islam has turned out under the new crop of youth in Indonesia and the world as a whole.

The influences of the west have not had much entry into the nature of changes that are happening among the Indonesian Muslim youth. The magnitude of changes within the introduction of strategies has had little significance in interfering with the natural growth of the Islamic culture in Indonesia. As indicated in the article, many Muslim youth are graduating from one level of understanding to another. Nonetheless, their growth in the understanding of the facts of the Islamic culture is not being eradicated by the intrusion of the external characteristics of the other cultures like that of the western world. The intensification of pop culture within the Islamic culture has a lot to be described for understanding of the culture of many youth in Indonesia (Hariyadi, 2009). Even though many of the youth in the country are poised to embrace modernism in their growth and development, they still have a common ground in which they can become pious in their general growth and development. Many books, like this article, have exemplified on the magnitude of growth and development in the advancement of Islamic culture among the youth in Indonesia. Therefore, it is clear from the article that many Muslim youth engage in studying books of Islamic culture, and then applying them in other new ways that are not contrary to the intention ascribed to them in the first instance (Hariyadi 2009, p. 6). They have stood by the culture in the country though through modernized styles of living.


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