{Introduction to Screenwriting: The Matrix}

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction movie that depicts an environment of the future where the machines rule the world. The setting of the movie is in the year 1999. Life is an illusion. The matrix is the computer program that makes people see their life as normal although it is not. The only remaining human with the understanding of the matrix is the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew. They are on a quest to find the prophetic savior, the one, whom they believe will deliver them from the enslavement of The Matrix. The human’s quest to redeem themself from the machine is the driving force of the movie. Trinity is the catalyst who sets things on motion when he contacts Neo, a simple computer programmer and a hacker who will turn out to be the hero. Neo must find within himself the hero who will free the humankind from the matrix.

The crises in the movie start when Neo chooses to take the red pill. The quest to understand the matrix drives him. This heightens the viewers’ suspense and thirst of finding out if Neo is truly the savior. The words of the oracle, that Neo is not the one are crises in themselves. Cypher betrays member of his crew. This leaves Neo to fight alone as Agents of AI computers arrest Morpheus. When the Agents ambush Nebuchadnezzar, slay half of its crew, confine Morpheus their leader, and act as a threat to Zion, Neo acts against all odds to save the situation. He chooses to re-enter the matrix, full of faith in himself, to rescue Morpheus.

The efforts to rescue Morpheus bring the audience to the climax. Neo and Trinity are successful in rescuing Morpheus. This brings him to the contest and a final confrontation with Agent Smith. Neo is presumably short dead but he resurrects when Trinity kisses him. This leads to a state of self-actualization and realization when Neo believes he is truly the one. With the belief in him, he defeats Agent Smith. He can now lead the crew into redeeming the humankind from the matrix


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