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Introduction to Event, ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Event Review – White Night

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  1. Event Classification, Definition And Discussion

White Night is an event that can fairly be described as a localised cultural event that offers opportunity for local; national and international artists to showcase their artistic pieces and therefore, directly link with audiences in Melbourne (The White Night Melbourne, 2017). It is important to note that a cultural event incorporates the elements of both art and culture projects for purposes of informing and recording possible crucial stories pertaining to a specific set of people or a community as a whole (Richards & Wilson, 2004). In a way, it fosters an aspect of pride; connectedness and a definite sense of belonging amongst the participants (Richards & Wilson, 2004).

In this regards, White Night is an event that has fostered the transformations of activities that were previously perceived as being a challenge to accomplish into possible set of events that solely focuses on the aspects of creativity and culture. White Night in Melbourne is characterised with such important cultural aspects as exhibitions; street performances; lighting ; film screenings, music and dance as well as provides a pertinent platform for interaction purposes for the audience (The White Night Melbourne, 2017). Below are some of the most memorable pictures of the event that took place in February 2017;

Introduction to Event, ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Event Review – White Night

Introduction to Event, ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Event Review – White Night 1

  1. Origin Of The Event Concept

The White Night is not an original event but a replication of an arts festival that goes by the same name in many other international cities during the summer period. There are mixed facts on where the first original event took place. A group of planners note that the original festival event dubbed the White Nights Festival was first held in Saint Petersburg, Russia as other facts indicate that the very ever first White Night event dubbed (Nuit Blanche) was initially conceived in Paris in the year 2002. Since it was initiated the event has resulted to other international network of White Night Events in close to 20 cities across the globe thereby developing a customised event for each of these places in an effort to depict the city’s unique passions and attributes towards culture and art in general.

In Melbourne, the first White Night festival was held in November 23, 2013 and attracted more than 300,000 people. Three years down the line, in 2016, the event took an interest turn, which added such Art institutions as National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre of Moving Image where free exhibitions and films were featured for free to the attending public. During this time, the event almost doubled its attendance with more than 580,000 people now fully attending through the 7pm to 7am event.

Other cities for which the event also takes place include; Britain where it is dubbed as Light Night Festival; Montreal where it is basically referred to as the High-Lights Festival and Italy where it is none as the Notte Bianca.

Discussion of the Event Unique/Key Selling Proposition (Usp/Ksp) Versus Others in Melbourne?

The event unique selling proposition lies with the fact that it brings together a great number of activities within a single night only. Attendees are able to participate in more than a single activity situated within the different parts of the city. The unique event is a product of the State Government; which solely focuses on showcasing Melbourne as an international city while still avails a localised platform for both national and international artists to link up with audiences from Melbourne, Australia and across the world within the single night.

The event achieves in transforming what is perceived to be impossible and a hurdle to attain into a possible activity through elements of creativity and culture. It encompasses such important aspects as exhibitions; street performances; lighting; films screenings; music and dance amongst other notable interactive events scheduled for the night.

It is presumably clear that since the event manages to conduct a series of different and unique activities within this single night and at no cost to the attendees implicate that they indeed enjoy it to their satisfaction. The fact that it is done within a single night leaves most of the attendees with the enthusiasm and lots of expectations of the future same event. It has a way of connecting and provoking the mental aspects of the audience in a way they best understand.

Discussion of the Event A Success or Failure in Your Eyes? If So Why?

Personally, I feel that the event has been a success over the years. In fact, the very last event that was held on February 2017 was certainly successful since it was performance driven and activated lots of notable areas of spectacle amongst them being the ‘Swing City’, which was basically a dance marathon in Collins St. that allowed people of all ages to crowd along the sidewalks while watching big band playing their favourites music (Herald Sun, 2017). To effectively ease the level of congestion witnessed within the event, the White Night organising team ensured to double the number of attractions to the north and south of the city (Herald Sun, 2017). It is reported that the event attracted more than 600,000 people, which is by far the largest crowd that have managed to attend it (Beat, 2017).

The fact that the this large-scale was planned and executed by the Melbourne-born choreographer, David Atkins; who was responsible for the ceremonies at the 2000 Sydney Olympics indicate that proper professional mechanisms were put in place to ensure that every activity took place within specified periods and time (McKeith, 2017).

Use by Date? Can White Night Survive Long Term, If So Why?

Personally, I foresee the event surviving the next 5 or so years because it has really continued to attract lots of people across the globe. Taking a closer look at the number of attendees within the period for which the event has been in place ascertains that there is growing interests among different stakeholders involved especially the audience. Despite the fact that the State Government failing to renew the three-year allocation of resources to the event, there has been continued interest even by different applications from different quotas of the city, all having a desire to watch the event even grow into the future period. For instance, new submissions into the event are the RMIT University who agreed to widen the arts community through creation of a sub-event dubbed; ‘Animated Laneway’ as the Melbourne Museum also programmed their own; ‘A Night at the Museum’, which is basically a sub-event within the major event where people are allowed to wander through a dinosaur exhibition in a dark environment (Beat, 2017).

Considering the fact that event also improves on the overall economy of the city, and international profile, it is expected that the showcasing will, in the future, extend to Victoria where the ‘White Night Ballarat’ is set to be conducted within the year.

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