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The risk factors associated with handling bariatric (obese) patients



Bariatric is a discipline in medicine that looks into causes, prevention and obesity management and treatment. People with body mass index (BMI) that surpasses the stipulated health are found to have greater risk of developing many medical issues. For instance, obese people are at high risk of heart diseases and complications, diabetes and musculoskeletal problems (Beebe & Heightman, 2002). Studies carried out in United States have shown a positive correlation between obesity and musculoskeletal risks. The statistics of obese people in developed countries has been on upward trend and at an alarming rate. This is because obesity prevalence has risen from 22.9% in the years between 1988-1994 up-to 30.5% in the years1999 to 2000. Research in USA has shown that the prevalence of severe obesity in which a patient has a BMI of over 40 is also in increase (Flegal, Carroll, Ogden & Johnson, 2002).

The treatment and care of the obese people presents a great challenge to the healthcare providers and community when the obese people develop complication, this is in relation to their handling. The transportation of the patient to the health centre can be very difficult and sometimes hazardous if the patient is not handled correctly. According to Beebe and Heightman (2002) the handling of the obsess patients at each stage of treatment from the time of an emergency, journey to hospital and subsequent treatment should be carried out with a lot of caution to prevent musculoskeletal injuries that may result from handling the heavy patients. This literature reviewing relate to risks of manual handling of the bariatric patients in the course of care and treatment.


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