1. you an ideal candidate for this Program? Provide a brief outline of your skills-and experience and the strengths that you have that would make

included doctors, physiotherapists and enrolled nurses.
I later rose to the rank of a registered nurse, where I worked collaboratively as part of a health care team which.I have worked as a health care service provider for three years. I started my career as a health care assistant, in this role; I assisted clients with personal care needs

I definitely believe that I am an ideal candidate for this program due to my experience at the periphery level of health care service provision. As a result gaining management skills will assist me in solving the problems that I saw arising at the lower levels of health care service provision.

Another strength I have is that I am passionate about management. I want to be part of the program because I love leading people to get things done.

Describe a situation where you have had to influence someone to do something that they did not want to doAs a manager, you sometimes have to get people to do tasks that they do not want to do or may be resistant to a change being introduced. 2.

I was once in charge of a group of student nurses .One of the students was always not following instructions as given and therefore not performing the tasks as required. Every time I would ask, she would give me excuses as to why she could not do the work I gave her. In order to deal with this problem, I begun by documenting the number of times she performed her task inaccurately .I later confronted her concerning the matter, making her aware that her performance was in deed poor. This is because I had the evidence.

I however encouraged her to prioritize her work and organize herself effectively. With time after setting regular performance reviews the student nurse begun to excel and do well in every task I delegated to her.I then established timelines and goals for her to meet. And I would check them frequently to see whether she was improving. I made her understand that if she does not perform her work as required , I would suspend her form the placement .

As a health manager, you will be communicating daily to a range of people in the health system. You need to ensure that your communication is effective.3.

Tell me about a time where you were trying to explain a process to someone who could not understand. What did you do?

The risk of breast cancer is also common to elderly women between the ages 80-85. I was once giving care to elderly women .The women were given classes about a variety of health issues. I was selected to teach them about the process of detecting breast cancer. This was a difficult task because most of them had lost their concentration and listing ability. As a result one had to possess good communication skills in order to pass the intended information.

In order to effectively communicate the process to the elderly women, foremost I established a positive mood for interaction .I did this by speaking in a peaceful and pleasant manner to the old women. In addition my tone of voice and facial expressions indicated a feeling of affection.

The next step was to get the attention of the elderly women. I did this by making eye contact and moved closer to them.

The next move was to present the message clearly .I used very easy words and sentences. I spoke in a slow manner but in a reassuring tone. I also used actions to explain the entire process. There were those who still did not understand, so I repeated the process again using the same words.

I then asked them simple questions about what I had taught them. I also let them ask questions which I responded to with reassurance and affection.

Give an example of a project you were working on where you were told the direction had to be changed part way through. How did you respond?health, the goals change often and for many reasons. For example funding, changing of government, new technologies and initiatives. We need to be ready to adapt to the changes. 4. /n

orthopedics, oncology and psychiatric care. However as changes in professional roles and boundaries begun to increase especially between doctors and nurses, I was instructed to change my focus to surgical patients. As a result I had to stop working the other projects.Changing professional roles is an emerging issue that has frequently arisen in the health care system. It is recommended that health care professionals should possess variety qualifications, in order facilitate cost effective measures of service deliver. I was working in projects that dealt with

I responded to this particular change by following the instructions given. Although I felt that I would have been given a chance to continue with my previous projects, I did not resist .This is because I believe that change is the only constant aspect in the lives of individuals and organizations. In addition it should not be perceived as a disruption but as an opportunity to learn.

5. You will have seen on the web-site that there is a Graduate Health Management Program Capability Framework that provides a structure for the development of management capabilities during the program.
Thinking of the managers you have worked for — what are the characteristics that you believe make them effective?

. In addition managers may sometimes tend to focus on the systems as opposed to focusing on people as it happens in leadership. Effective managers are therefore those who have combined their management skills and leadership.focus on doing the right thing, but on doing things rightOne of the characteristic that makes an effective manager is the aspect of leadership. A manager with leadership skills is more effective because he does not just

Another essential characteristic is honesty. An effective manager should be honest in all the activities he/ she undertakes and in all communications he/she makes both oral and written communication.

Ethics is another effective attribute that manager should have .This will result to a balanced and fair management approach.Good judgement is another quality of an effective manager. A good manager has to have discernment and wisdom when making decisions especially the tough decisions

A manager should also lead by example. A manager should not ask subordinates to do something that they would not do themselves

In health there are many different occupations that are required to work together as a team to deliver patient care.6.

Tell us about a team you were involved in which worked well. What did you contribute to the success of the team?

I was on one occasion part of a family health team. The team had the objective of giving health care services to communities, especially for those who can not easily access health care due to constrains such as age. Our main focus was disease prevention and management. My contribution to the team involved ensuring the doctors in charge of the group had adequate medical equipments and medication for members of the community. I also kept record of all the patients we attended to. In addition I gave medical advice to women on various health issues.