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Community Corrections Officer: Welcome Skyla, I am glad we could arrange this session and after inviting you, you managed to show up.

Skyla: Okay thanks….

Community Corrections Officer: Indeed, so tell me, what is going on with your life at the moment?

Skyla: I do not understand why I have to go through this session after all the process from the court case. Explain to me

Community Corrections Officer: Well, Skyla, this is not a mandated session, it is just a moment to help analyze what you are facing at the moment and to help you along the way. You, by no means, have the authority to decide whether to attend or not. It is within your legal limit.

Skyla: I still do not understand….I am going through a lot at the moment. Why can’t anyone just understand me at all?

Community Corrections Officer: I am really sorry Skyla, I know you are struggling and not in the best of places at the moment. That is why I am here to help you. Perhaps you can start by letting me know why they had you in this facility after going through the court proceedings. Just take your time and compose yourself to help me understand.

Skyla: They had me arrested and how they treat me, it is not cool…now I have to live with this. I am a criminal for Christ’s sake. What did I do wrong in this life? Seriously how would you feel if it were you?

Community Corrections Officer: Once again sorry for the predicament that you are in, I just want to help you in every way possible. Just let me understand how it all began until you had to accept the plea, which, was prepared after the investigations.

Skyla: I had gone to the store and you know, sometime you can get carried away…. It is not easy at the moment with what am facing. I am really struggling… is there anywy I can get out of this honestly?

Community Corrections Officer: calm down Skyla, you have mentioned various issues at the same time without explaining why it all had to happen. Remember I am only here to help you in anyway so long as you just are honest and let me. Take your time and open up.

Skyla: okay, and please do not judge me…. I am not in the best of situations right now. Oh God, my Bailey…how will she be without me, I cannot face this, just help me, please?

Community Corrections Officer: yes I am here to help you. I only want to get the fact from you and we can proceed in the best way possible to help salvage the situation Skyla. You are by no means under pressure; the process took place, now it is just a matter of time for you to let me know how to approach the issues.

Skyla: okay, I hope you will help me as you have said. I was born in 2nd October 1990 at King Edward Memorial Hospital and I am a single parent I have two beautiful children, Bailey Johnson who is three years old and an 8 month baby, Maddison Johnson. I stay with my younger sibling, Shane Johnson too. My dad passed away almost seven years ago and we were left with our mom. She is just a fool, why did she have to re- partner honestly? I do not like that at all….aaarrgggghhh!

Community Corrections Officer: Slow down Skyla. Take it easy. So you are a single parent with your brother? How do you manage to feed all of you in that household?

Skyla: I started this apprenticeship thing after our aunt left us.

Community Corrections Officer: so an aunt was in the picture? What happened that she had to leave?

Skyla: You know, she says I was a druggie and all that, not cool anyway. I just tried it out..You know that thing when you are with your pals and having a cool time huh?

Community Corrections Officer: Wait a minute, so you do admit that you have a drug problem or not?

Skyla: I don’t have a drug problem. It was just a onetime thing.

Community Corrections Officer: but in the evidence provided over the court case you were arrested in possession of cannabis and Methamphetamine?

Skyla: I don’t have a choice really, do I? Okay, yes I experimented that too…but I am not an addict.

Community Corrections Officer: Skyla, remember we agreed to be honest in order for me to help you, so let’s stick to that. Okay? Go on. What made you delve into drug use, considering you are a young mother, you need to provide for the two children and your brother.

Skyla: Okay, I admit, it was too much pressure. I had lost my apprenticeship to hairdressing when I got pregnant. I worked at the Woolworths store but got terminated. It is frustrating, I cannot be able to provide for the babies and my brother, the assistance from the single parent payment program only covers a quarter of what we need. How will I manage it honestly?

Community Corrections Officer: indeed that is tough on you I bet. It is not easy at all. But why decide to use drugs and go to the extent of first complying with the law enforcement authority, then later assaulting and getting physical with them? It is not right.

Skyla: I had no problem with them at all. They provoked it. I cannot lie. Okay, I felt agitated, but they should handle it better, they have the experience.

Community Corrections Officer: first things first Skyla, you do admit that you have a problem I containing yourself, do you?

Skyla: Just a little…little. But hey, wouldn’t you defend yourself if provoked or attacked. I am getting tired of this. Everything is against me.

Community Corrections Officer: We need to establish the root cause of all this. You appear a genuine soul, but with deep problems that are innate. Any reason why you think you behave this way? Am sure you were different sometime back, right?

Skyla: I am just frustrated with our family issues. My dad’s passing away really got to me. He was my best friend and companion. Then I had to put up with my mom’s partner, I could not handle it. At the time I got pregnant and everything spiraled out of control.

Community Corrections Officer: it is good that you admit your mistakes and frustrations. However, you need to learn how to control your behavior, reaction and anger, especially to law enforcement officers. You also need to get help on the drug use as you are a parent and effective means of getting income to take care of your family and brother.

Skyla: I guess you could say so. It is not easy in this life. But anyway, I am willing to do what it takes to change and provide for my family.

Community Corrections Officer: acceptance is welcome Skyla, and I believe all matters will be settled and your get help that you need. That is all for today as we get some headway on the issues.


In the interview process, I believe that some of the issues addressed were conducted in the right manner. For example, the stance of being firm on the interviewee generated a concise approach to the whole help issue beforehand (Ellis, 2012). The Interviewee realized that there was no letting go of the due process and maintained the expectation. As per the requirements of the process under the Community Corrections Officer, I believe the explanation of understanding and getting the interviewee’s admission to them was exemplary. It was not forced or directed towards the interviewee, but generated therein. In addition, the identity of nature and expression of emotion was good as it showed the human nature to the proceedings. This way, the interviewee felt at ease and realized the connection as a human to all the proceeds. It was unforced and signified the essence of having the conversation between the two parties in order to set a clear guideline of the proceedings as well as staying objective.

Some of the interview aspects did not attain the required levels and need improvement. For example, on the issue of creating a rapport, there has to be a developed sense of responsibility in part of the interviewer. He or she should be able to guide on the approach used beforehand in order to attain a level of understanding between the two parties for the process. When Skyla kept insisting and turning around the judicial process enabled by the court, the interviewer did not realize the intention as per the rapport basis. Another aspect is that of opinionated expression with the level of firm stand and created thinking as well as self- analysis (Ellis, 2012). Despite the struggles faced by Skyla in providing for her two children and brother, the frustrations from before did not warrant her uptake of the drugs and subsequent breaking of the law. Instead, the interviewer would have sympathized with the pressure but not give in to the angle projected by Skyla as it shows a different side to the whole issue.

As per the interview conducted, there are various specific skills that require further development in the process of communication and understanding:

  • Interview preparation has to be detailed on the content of all matters that need addressing in the process of interviewing the respondent. The listing and probable assumption of all the interviewee’s responses will facilitate the above.
  • The relevance of personal awareness is required as a major skill for the success of the interview. The questions should reflect on the interviewee’s strengths and abilities as well as exposing eh weaknesses that require improvement on their part (Ellis, 2012).
  • The use of hypothetical questions to reflect on the relevance of the interview is a necessary skill. It also facilitates the understanding between the respondent and interviewee on the direction of the whole process. It limits straying away from the main objectives.


Ellis, R. (2012). Communication skills and Interview Process. Bristol, UK: Intellect.