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Cost Accounting and Decision Making


Semester 2, 2011

Mini-case study 3: Internet Research Assignment

Review on Big Dog Motorcycles Manufacturing Company

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This is a research for my subject coordinator trying to find out the better engaging and informative virtual factory tours.

Executive summary

This is a brief description of the process of manufacture of big dog motorcycle in the Big Dog Motorcycle manufacturing company.


Big Dog Motorcycles is a Virtual Factory Tour available from YouTube with the address: I accessed the virtual factory tours on 7th September, 2011. The virtual factory tours manufactures motorcycles called big dog motorcycles.


TInternet Research Assignment

Fabrication of engine and other complex parts

Joining of various parts to form a motorcycle

Internet Research Assignment 1 he following is a process for manufacturing big dog motorcycle.

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Finalizing the outer parts

Joining of pieces for various parts

Soldering of parts together

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The manufacturing process is compost of those parts which are done by the machines as well as those parts that are done by human beings. Due to complexity of the joining of parts, the work has to be done by human beings which land the factory in a labour intensive class.

The raw materials used for making the motorcycles are the different types of metals. They are cut by machines into the various desired shapes and sizes and then cleaned and joined by human beings. Human beings perform some tasks like joining the parts physically hence it is direct labour. During manufacturing of overheads, different types of metals and in different shapes are required, machinery for cutting and moulding and enough power supply is needed. Technology for manufacturer is also crucial at this stage.

Recommendation and conclusion

It demands therefore that the organization uses a hybrid of both the job order and process for costing it product because the product is not only labour intensive but also capital intensive especially during manufacture of overheads.