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The products will be distributed through various distribution channels. To distribute the new products direct distribution channels will be used primarily to cut down the distribution costs related to middlemen since the company is still new and has no financial stability. A direct distribution channel refers to the direct selling of products to the consumers by the company itself (Dann & Dann,2011,pp.12-34). The direct distribution channels which will be used will comprise of the internet and direct selling agents. The company will employ fifty selling agents who will directly distribute the products to various consumers including retailers, wholesalers, stores as well as various supermarkets. In case the consumer is not satisfied with the product he or she may return it back to the specific purchasing store, supermarket or agent where the product was bought.

Once the products have been returned to specific company agents the product can be then returned back to the company for adjustments. The consumers will be provided with a warranty of three-six months depending on the nature of the product. Damages, deflected and unfitting products will be required to be returned by the consumers within a period of 24 hours without the consumers tampering with them. Once the goods have been paid for no money will be refunded back to the consumers rather the products will be exchanged for others in case of any complaints from the customers.

Distribution channels will help our new company to enter new consumer markets for our new products. In addition, distribution will ensure that consumers get the products in a more convenient as well as timely manner hence increasing the market growth for our new products. The internet is usually perceived as an easy distribution channel because of the global availability to consumers (Reedy & Schullo, 2003, pp.45) .The Company will design a website through which it will post information regarding the new products, prices, and how consumers can acquire them online hence acting as a distribution channel. The company in addition will use various social website such as twitter, face book, tagged, LinkedIn to market the products to various consumers

Prices for our products will vary from approximately $ 50-$450 dollars. The company will use competitive pricing strategy through which the products will be priced as low as possible compared to other competitors in the market to attract more customers (Dennis Fenech & Merrilees ,2004,pp.36-78). Though, competitive pricing strategy will be used the prices will not be set as low to avoid creating an impression in the customer’s mind that the product is of low quality. The company will offer product discounts on certain products by 5% depending on the offer.

In addition, consumers will be given discounts through smart cards, bonus points on wholesale buying. Consumers buying on wholesale will be given up to 10% discount on the overall products bought. Other allowances will be given to the consumers depending on the frequency of their buying and the quantities they are purchasing. In order to make online payments for products purchased online, consumers will be required to pay through PayPal, credit cards, bill pay and checking account.

Marketing promotion strategy

Both pull and push promotional strategies will be used. As far as push strategy is concerned the company instruct the company’s sales representatives to give discounts to customer’s who purchase large quantities of the new products and this will be used mainly to increase the organizational sales (Jones & Speigel, 2002,pp.78-80). In terms of using the pull strategy company will focus on product advertising as well as promotion through various methods and channels. Some of our products will be sold below the cost to attract customers who purchase several items at one time. Advertising will be used a key promotional tool and here the company will design its advertisements in a manner that the messages contained in them have a strong appeal to the target consumers.

Various Advertising mediums will be used and they will comprise of; internet, print, marketing collaterals, television and direct marketing. Personal selling will be used as a direct marketing tool in which various sales representatives and agents will market the products directly to the consumers through their stores and other retail shops. To promote and gain a tremendous market growth the company will implement various sales promotions such as product discounts, bonus points to purchase certain products and hot seasons offers in which the products will be sold at lower prices than that of the competitors.

Promotional and advertising tools will be used to publicize the company as well as inform the consumers on its products offering, prices and where the consumers can actually get the products. The company will use the internet do its online marketing which will help the company to target part of the target audience thus professionals, college, university students and young adults. In order to reach the target market social media networks such as facebook, yahoo, twitter and LinkedIn will be used since most of these groups spends a lot of time online (Strauss &. Frost, 2009,pp.29).

Finish Line Apparel will set up special facebook, twitter and LinkedIn sites that will allow all the internet users to receive special promotional information related to the company’s products and discount prices. The company will use Twitter account to post immediate information about the new product as well as sales to the target audience. Since many of our target consumers use the internet more frequently, information about our new product will reach them more quickly hence helping the company to achieve its consumer growth objective

Performance measures will be done through overall product sales estimates. An increase in product will sales will indicate high growth and vice versa. Performance too will be measured through profits and company growth in terms of revenues and consumers. High revenues will indicate good performance while low sales revenues and low rates of consumer will indicate poor performance. Performance measurement will be done on quarterly basis as way of gauging the overall growth of the company and determining if the company is on the right track of achieving its marketing objectives.


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