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International security praxis. MSC INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Essay Example

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Talking to terrorists

Definition terrorism according to the section 1 of The Terrorism Act 2000, it is serious violence against a person, intimidation of ones right in order to influence the government. Moreover, terrorism has the primary aim of cause instability in the government, religion and politics al arena.

The most controversial issue presented as the motion in the house is to whether the government should hold a talk to the terrorist or not. The members of the house have divided opinion on how to deal with terrorism. Some members say that they should organize a talk with the leaders so as to know the motives of the terrorist. On the other hand, some members view it that should they hold a conversation with the terrorist it will be a sign that they have conceded defeat. There is a presentation of a documentary aired on BBC concerning the situation of Ireland and how they deal with terrorism. From the documentary, the dialog embraces the fact that the lives of the citizens are more important than the life of an individual. Back to the discussion, a member proposes that it is necessary put into consideration the opinion of people on the ground because they are the people who elected them. The motion mover gives various detailed information about the previous attacks. However, another question here is to know the reason as to why terrorist goes to the level of committing their lives in order to get others killed. Nevertheless, the House admits that it is tedious process bringing peace between them and terrorist. For that matter, therefore, the government should take it its initiative to ensure that the lives of the citizens are not at a stake. One of the steps that the some members of the house are suggesting is to restrict the information that the press give to the public. It was proposed with the hope that the terrorist will not know the steps that the government takes so as to curb their movement. Further to that some members suggest that the access to internet should be monitored. The
censorship on terrorism is important to the
because all the
people should be alert to any
danger. Moreover, the
lesson from the audio calls
person to be his brother’s keeper
so as to avoid
instance of insecurity
Marine time security

Definition of maritime security as given by European Union: it is the state of affairs in the world maritime sphere whereby there is a reinforcement of the state laws and the international laws. The security emphasizes the freedom rendered to the individuals in the areas of transport and the marine time security. The secretary general provided seven problems that pose a threat to the security (Dr Chapsos, 2014, p.5). These are piracy or the robbers at the sea, terrorism such as shipping, illegal transportation of weapons and drug substances like narcotic drugs, smuggling. Moreover, they deal in the illegal traffic in human beings, illegal fishing and destructions of the aquatic environment. African Union (AU) put strategies in the year 2004 which ensures that the security at the sea is maintained. The primary focus of the policies put forward was to ensure that there is a proper socio-economic development that will uphold the freedom of in the African communities. Moreover, the union wants to support transparency in the international trade by removing the illegal acts or aggression in Africa (Dr Chapsos, 2014, p.8).

Going by the United Nations, Convention on the rule of the Sea (UNCLOS) piracy is the act violence and detention of the rights of the passenger or personally owned aircraft or ship. The violation is directed on the high sea and aircraft or von a person who has boarded them. UNCLOS provides another definition of piracy as any act done while operating the ship or the aircraft with the intention of making it pirate. The marine time security covers areas in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and South East Asia (Dr Chapsos, 2014, p.13).

The private contractors have been deployed to provide marine time security. For instance, Private Maritime Security is charged with monitoring shipping, offshore and petroleum products and gas. PMS developed capacities where it replaced the government in reinforcing the security related to anti- piracy. It is prudent to recognize
efforts of the
bodies in their quest to bring
peace to the society.
Organized crime

The article gives the framework of Cosa Nostra; it is not a monolithic organization. The members of the group did not have a close attachment to their families. Cosa Nostra had around 94 Mafia, and it was separated into 29 groups where each group had 400 members. The structural composition of Cosa Nostra had the boss on top of the hierarchy followed by Underboss, then caporegime, soldiers and lastly the associates (HOFFMAN, 2006, p.19). Costa had rituals and code of conduct that guided the members. The rituals were like the initiation ceremonies. Moreover, bringing in of new member needed intermediation by the already existing members. One of the codes of conduct stated that if you betray Cosa Nostra your flesh will burn like that of the saint. The organization of Cosa Nostra had well stated Ten Commandments. The second commandment stated that no one should look at the wife of his friend. Moreover in the commandment, drinking and clubs were not allowed.

Mafia tragically organized their frontiers so as to protect their wealth. They never wanted anybody who followed them up and down. In addition, they also put forward strict rules in the economic market, for this reason, therefore; the group never wanted anybody who carried out illegal business. In doing this, they wanted to protect their base economy. The articles further address UN rules on confiscation. It says that the parties will assume measures that will help them to get back any item that they want for the reasons of confiscation. Moreover, the provision in the article should not in a way bring bias to the third party. The Convention further states that an offender will give all the details that relate to his or her origin before confiscation (HOFFMAN, 2006, p.33 The directives on freezing and confiscation of the criminal were further approved by the European Union in the year 2014. EU came up with the guidelines so as to ease the duty of national authorities in confiscation and the repossession of the proceeds of the cross-border. The instructions facilitated the trust among the members country and beyond. The directives further, enhance the respect that was compromised.


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