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International journal of productivity and performance management

Articles title: International journal of productivity and performance management

Authors name: Outi Simonen, Elina Viitanen, Marja Blom

Year of publication: 2012

Vol. 61 Issue: 7 pp. 752 – 764

Title of Journal Publication:

Factors relating to effectiveness data use in healthcare management.

Literature review implications to productivity and performance management strategies

1. The factors relating to the effectiveness on the use of data in healthcare management have been discussed basing on the performance of healthcare systems. It is clear that organizational goals are achieved when managers reach a common decision, therefore communication and effective use of data is essential in ensuring achievement of these goals[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ]. For the case of healthcare, there is inefficient use of data such that the decision making process is rated low. The study shows that the outcomes and findings related to ensuring achievement of goals are lacking. There is an issue concerning sharing of data for effective management outcomes. Therefore the healthcare should consider effective use of resources in order to maximize health services. From way back there has been a record on the use of data in healthcare and it relates to the performance of healthcare subordinates. Managers in healthcare facilities have been known to put more value on their own knowledge without researching more on information that could address the present situation, this has been a challenge that draws back the performance system. Another challenge that has been under study concerns the lack of cooperation and understanding among managers which reduces the chances of making appropriate decisions.

The review also focuses on the use of knowledge by the managers in managing and ensuring positive outcomes from the healthcare. Introduction and adoption of information technology in organizations and institutions has brought a great impact on extensive research for more information. Managers are able to expand their knowledge and use technology to research for more information concerning how to address a certain situation[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ]. Most healthcare facilities have embraced the use of internet to gather data so as to enhance their knowledge. According to performance management, it is important to have a wide understanding of situation before making decisions. This will result to positive results because of the use of extensive knowledge. However there is an impact on the attitude of the managers towards use of information, this is caused by the fact that most managers believe they can handle their managerial work without the need of help either from the use of technology or form other subordinates. Therefore the manager’s interest on the use of information depends on their attitude towards it. The research rates this factor to be among the factors affecting the effective and efficient use of data in healthcare.

Other issues discussed revolve around the factors that impede the use of information and the author has listed other minor factors such as lack of information that is valid for the success of managerial performance, managerial experience also impede the use of information because they are not exposed to situations that require extensive research of information and from statistics done on performance analysis, it is discovered that the knowledge gained form experience is more helpful when it comes to use of data. Management culture is the last impediment to effective use of new information because of the fact that subordinates will fear embracing new information systems due to perception that it will change their ways of doing things.

Data collection and analysis methods:

Data was collected by recruiting members form three hospital divisions in the university. The three divisions were the surgical, psychiatric and medical because all these divisions have their own system of management and they all require information. Data was collected basin on the decision making bodies whereby they were categorized according to the power of making decisions. Participants selected were two from each department[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ]. Well-structured questions were therefore sent to each participant through their mails. The researcher also carried out a personal interview to the participants in their workplace where the researcher was able to collect firsthand information.

Aspect of study in the research

Managers from every department were interviewed while considering their activities from the three departments. Structured questions were sent to them and a personal interview conducted. The purpose of the study was to collect information on how the managers in the healthcare have embraced the use of new information[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ]. Therefore managers were the main subject of study and therefore information concerning their performance management was gathered and the results used to make conclusion on how to improve performance in institutions and organizations for better outcomes and also for effective decisions to be made.

Research findings

  1. The factors that affect the use of data in healthcare; the research conducted discovered some factors affecting use of data in healthcare and these factors have been discussed as per the level of experience of the manager and the cultural practices in healthcare. The factors have been divided into those relating to aspect of management and also those relating to how the organization is structured.

  2. The factors that promote use of information among management; the research also gathered some factors that will enhance use of information and the result findings were categorised according to how information is generated and suggestions were collected as per the respondents view on data generation. Secondly, behavioural issues among managers were also under discussion and the views from the respondents indicate that managerial behaviour contributes to effective use of information.

  3. Ideas from managers as a contribution to the success on use of information; this aspect was also studied and the results concluded that there is a relationship between use of information and the ideas generated by managers. The respondent’s views support the conclusion.

Contribution of the research study to productivity and performance management

The research contributes to the knowledge on this topic on the fact that it explains issues that concerns performance management in healthcare[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ]. From the research we can conclude that there are factors that hinder the outcome of performance among managers and inability to embrace the use of information has been discussed as a factor. This research has contributed to the issues that improve performance management in organizations and institutions. The analysis on the factors affecting the use of data in healthcare reflects how management in organizations have contributed to failure in performance due to their inability to accept the use of information.

Suggestions for future research

The research should be used as a basis for enhancing the use of information to improve performance in organizations. The conclusions drawn from the study should act as guidelines towards improving performance management systems and therefore contributing towards economic development globally.


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