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Global Health Organizations 4


The First and Second World War saw an immense improvement in technology and science that was necessitated by the needs of that period. The motor vehicle and communications industry saw immense improvement during this period. Additionally, health was a major concern during and after the two world wars. From then on, there has been immense investment on health on a global and national level. This essay is going to expound on the successful international organizations in their bids to alleviate the global health situation.

The global economy has tremendously grown; unfortunately, the effects of the economic growth have been felt by a few individuals. Only twenty percent of these have enjoyed the benefits of good health care. The organizations that this paper will expound on will be those that have channeled a substantial part of their resources to make global health equitable.

When the United Nations was set up in 1945 by a committee of diplomats, one of its aims was to set up a universal health organization, which is now known as the World Health Organization (WHO). Three years later, on April 7th, 1948 the world health organization was formed after its constitution was implemented. April 7th is now celebrated as the world health day annually.

The efforts of the World Health Organization have been supplemented by other international organizations sponsored by multinationals to help in ensuring equitable health benefits were being received by a greater percentage of the world’s population. However, this paper is going to focus on global health bodies associated with governments only.

World Health Organization

This organization began in 1948 when it a constitution came into being and every year during the month of April 7 it is celebrated as the memorial of it commencing. The headquarter is in Geneva, and it has spread to 150 countries and some six regions. The organization employs 7000 people worldwide. The major role that is played by the organization is to coordinate and direct international health within the nations that are under the United Nations’ structure. The main duties that they perform concern the health systems, noncommunicable diseases, corporate services, promoting health through the life-course, response surveillance, and preparedness. There have to ensure that their job performance is controlled by the set rules so to have all their duties performed using a certain strategy.

WHO uses various logos to come up with its programs and each logo has a significant in whatever the organization undertakes. The logos make sell the image of the organization to other people and when it is seen, it is associated with the best people. The Organization defines health in broader in such a way that it is a state where an individual is physical, social well-being and mentally or for the diseases affecting a person. Who has a constitution that ensures all its programs are manageable and controlled using a given criteria that may appear beneficial to the organization?

The constitution has18 chapters and in each chapter, there are articles on each one of then that gives a deeper explanation of how the performance of different tasks should be met. They have been attacks that have been considered to fight the definition of the organization claiming that it is not suitable for the organization. For children who are below 18, the organization has an obligation to ensure that the children have all their needs met before they are considered to be an adult.

Who has various goals and objectives that it’s entitled to meet. Some of these goals are to reduce health risks, respond to any incident that becomes hazardous to health, promote healthy lifestyles together with other settings in general. The organization works hand in hand with other organization to ensure efficient work is performed. The organization has a department in it that deals with funds in case a person has an emergency, and they are unable to cater for their medication. There are various kinds of health that that the organization caters for, such as mental sickness despite in concentrating on the other kind of physical health.

They have to support countries in order to ensure that they have efficient performance because of the assistance they get from the government, partners, including help through funds, civil society organization, bi- and multilateral, foundations and private sectors with an aim of attaining a better health policies and strategies to ensure their objectives are attained. The organization has a logo that features a symbol of Rod of Asclepius, which is seen as a sign of healing. The logo sells the organization’s functions because as it is associated with healing people believes in its work. The organization has to be because of the emergence of private organizations that are trying to performs similar tasks hence bring competition and deteriorating its fame.

For a country that is a member of the United Nations, to join WHO it becomes an easy procedure for it because it is only required to comply with the organization’s constitution, but for non-members they have to write an application and it becomes accepted by other member states. When it comes to financing the organization, all the member states have a role to play. They have to be a certain amount allocated to each state depending on its economic status so that other nations do not feel burdened to meet the amount if it is given in general.

There are other global events that are usually marked by this organization such World No Tobacco Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Blood Donor, World AIDS Day, World Immunization Week, World Hepatitis Day and World Malaria Day among others that are usually celebrated to remember different period and different diseases that have become an epidemic. When the WHO organization was interviewed on it performance recently, it is said that it aims to reduce child mortality rate by two-thirds, to reduce the rate of the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce the maternal death rate by three- quarters as compared to how the current situation of the above three is taking place.

Apart from taking care of the infected people in certain areas such as in food and diseases, WHO moves ahead to give precautions that should act as preventive to certain things from taking place. It does some of these duties by improving road safety, and other emergencies such as surgeries and trauma cases that have curb most member countries and they have to ensure they fight them because the countries pay their tributes so as to enjoy this service. Despite it rendering services efficiently, it has also partnered with other bodies to ensure its services are efficient such as the World Bank because it acquires some of its finances from there.

There are various diseases that the organization has tried to curb as it renders its duties such as swine flu epidemic, Ebola outbreak and Diet and sugar. These three diseases have interfered with the organization performance because when the diseases arise, best precautions and monitor work has to take place. These exercises of curbing the diseases are usually time-consuming and much money ends up being used because prevention has to be made to avoid the spread of them. Generally, WHO has come out to perform effectively and ensure that all that its under its constitution it fulfills.

United Nations (UN)

United Nations were formed 1st January 1942, and it was coined by the United States President Franklin D Roosevelt, but it came to exist officially in 1945. Its headquarters are in New York City. The main objectives of the UN are to keep peace within Nations that are its members. It was started after the cold war. It has 193 members and 2 states are observant ones. The UN has various councils that are entitled to ensure that all the objectives of the UN are met. They offer humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping mission. It involved fifty countries, but as the years passed it has involved as many countries as possible. United Nations has achieved several goals as it continues to spread over the world. Due to this, so many people have benefitted from it. United Nations has majored in the protection of the children’s rights in the world. This has ensured that no child Is being exploited, and all are provided with the necessary care regardless of the background.

There is a contribution that is met by the member states. The contribution is not specific because the economies of the countries vary. Therefore, having a certain amount as the contribution, it will make some countries strain while another will make the contribution at ease. They ensure that the mortality rate of children under the age of five has reduced over the world. Better care of those children who are physically and mentally handicapped is provided to ensure equality is promoted among all the children in the world. The United Nation has also promoted peace among nations and it helps to solve disputes that may arise between them. The International relationship has been the greatest concern by the United Nations since different nations need to relate well to each other for them to exist. The interdependent among countries either due to economic factors also requires the nations to relate well with each other so that they can mutually benefit from each other.

The organization is also concerned with the refugees’ welfare by ensuring all the refugees in the world are well taken care of. However, due to the increased number of the expatriated in the world, this organization is facing the financial problem forcing it to borrow which only increase their liabilities. The United Nations also supply food to the states that are faced with the natural calamity. For example, it helped Haiti and Japan in 2010 and 2011 when it was attacked by the earthquake and most of its resources destroyed. So far, it is the only organization that can support losses by the natural calamities such as drought and earthquake. The organization has a program that rewards those who emphasizes the performance of UN are effective such peacekeeping mission and environmental programs among others. This happens through giving rewards that are recognized as Nobel Peace Prize.

It is also the world leading organization that is battling against HIV/AIDS. It raised funds to help implement and treat the deadly disease and hence it has reduced the mortality rate due to HIV/AIDS.United Nations also help in reproductive health and population management to ensure that the population is well controlled, and the infant and maternal deaths are reduced over the world. It is also concerned with controlling the high population growth by introducing the new family planning methods and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases commonly known as the STIs. Apart from dealing with diseases affecting so many countries, the UN organization has ensured so many countries attain independence through it because it is concerned with the peacekeeping missions. The nations that have not attained independence are usually fighting between them and their colonizers.

The UN has also established the war crime prosecution by establishing the tribunals that provide fair judgment and punishment for the wrongdoers. It has also promoted the international human rights that are to be respected by everyone. It is also the only organization that runs elections to ensure that free and fair elections are run in the world and to eliminate the concept of dictatorship that may be present in any of the nations. This helps to solve the political conflicts that are usually seen and sometimes arising among nations. Similar cases of conflicts that have led to deaths and people being left homeless have settled by the organization. Some of this cases are usually solved by the organization because it has a court that is usually specialized in this field.

United Nations have also failed in the following ways; the act of terrorism has increased since 1968. United Nations have not done anything to curb that act of terrorism and that’s why it is increasing each day. Sometimes it supports the world terrorists such as the Iraq which are not held accountable for their actions. The United Nations has not been able to control the possession of some weapons which may lead to massive destruction when tested. So many counties own the nuclear bomb which is not right. Although,there are efforts seen that are usually beneficial to some of the nations such as the countries being assisted in solving its terror raids. This is met because the member states are supposed to ensure some its troops are sent to keep the peace. Different countries are given a certain number of troops that it should provide.

The small island nation of Sri Lanka experienced the bloody civil war and so many people fled from their country. Those who were left behind had their rights not protected as most of them ended up losing their lives. United Nations could have done something to prevent this, but it did not. There has also been an increase in child prostitution that can be controlled yet the UN has failed to do so. These challenges have enabled UN to be unable to exercise its duties as it should because of so many criticisms that it encounters. On the other hand, so many nations have expressed their worries about the performance of the duties of the UN Hence, they find it not reliable to what they expect.

Despite the tireless efforts conducted by UN to ensure the needs of its members are met, there are individuals and a group of people who participate in corruption within the organization. This has made the funds to disappear carelessly and benefit different people who have only their interests. UN leadership is usually democratic because there are elections carried out occasionally to elect the leader. This forum of ensuring new leadership ensures better performs of jobs because when a new team comes, it comes with new ideas about performance. The members states are the one who elects these leaders because they are the one who are said to understand their interests and the problems they encounter.

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

This organization was started in 1946 as one of the branches of the United Nations and its headquarters are in New York City. It is a branch of the UN and its works are voluntary for the member states. They come in incase the country request them to do so or even when their observers realize a country is suffering in silence and they are in fear of asking for assistance. Its main aim objective was to cater for the needs of children who faced difficulties in their societies and countries. The organization relies on the governments of the member states and non-governmental organizational (private organizations) for funding so as it can perform effectively. Despite the organization concentrating on children’s well-being, it has started looking at the women after seeing that they are also affected in the society. The organization employs 12,386 members worldwide and therefore it as being in a position to create job opportunities. The current head of the board of the UNICEF is called Nepal. The board of governance frequently changes so as to ensure new cabinet comes in and exercise their duties to the member states.

The organization tries to ensure that each person and nation should be in a position to realize the rights of children. For them to be in a position to ensure that the children’s well-being is promoted, they have to fight poverty, discrimination, diseases and violence through various ways such as having policies, advocacy, and programs. The organizations despite looking at the needs of the children, it also caters for those from able families by offering them internships when they complete their education.

The major role of UNICEF is to ensure that the children are not discriminated from any oppression that they may face and for it to ensure that it does all these tasks efficiently it has to ensure that the rights of these children adhere. They cater for the needs of children who are under 18 years. The organization has a role to make and it does this by ensuring that it visits all the member states and ensure that the children who are they are living in good conditions. The organization concentrates mostly on the children who have been affected from incidences not favorable to them such as aftermaths of the war, violence, children withdrawn from families due to disabilities and disasters.

They also focus on the education of these children, survival and development, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS that has left so many children homeless or others disowned by their family members. The countries have to be given certain portions of contributions because the economies of these countries that are members, vary hence allocating a given amount will make some countries strain while another will make the payment at ease. The countries’ membership is easy to join because of those who are members of the UN have a direct membership when they requested for it while the others have to send for an application for them to join.

From the tireless efforts of UNICEF, individual have decided to come out and sponsor the organization such a famous footballer Lionel Messi. Despite the organization working efficiently with other organizations, they also come together to ensure that education and other literacy programs are the major initiatives that they look towards and make sure they accomplish. The organization has a research center that is entailed in ensuring that it performs its duties effectively by ensuring it investigates on certain areas before it moves ahead on fulfilling them.

From the above organizations, they work with an aim of ensuring they cater for the needs of the citizens of the nations that are members. The organizations are entitled to perform their duties without any discrimination because they have to be fair while rendering their services so that trust can be seen between them and the members is reinstated.


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