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International law

Own ideas

The European states should welcome the asylum seekers and immigrants arriving by boat to Italy and Greece every week. The asylum seekers and immigrants arriving by boat to Italy and Greece are mainly fleeing the war that is ongoing in the Middle East. According to the 1951 Convention Relating to the Refugee Status, anybody fleeing a war zone or in areas where their life is in danger are considered refuges and must be protected (Guild & Moreno, 2013). The European countries are parties to the convention and should therefore honour their obligations to ensure that the immigrants are protected. However, it is also important for the Europeans Countries to ensure that they work closely with other humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and the UNHCR. This will play an important role in terms of ensuring that the burden is shared. The European countries should also avoid supplying arms in the conflict areas.

Response to the first student

I agree with the first student that the European countries should be provided with support to deal with the problem. This is because of the high number of immigrants who are visiting the countries on a daily basis. I also agree with the opinion that European countries should be more involved in the peace efforts in order to stop the problem.

Response to the second student

I agree with the second students that the Immigrants cannot be stopped. This is because the problem has not been solved. I agree with the opinion that the international organizations should also contribute towards handling the problem. I however do not agree with the idea that the immigrants are illegal.


Guild, E., & Moreno, L., 2013, Current Challenges Regarding the International Refugee Law with focus on EU Policies and EU Co-operation with UNHCR, Center for European policy studies Liberty and security in Europe paper 59.