International human resouces managment

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Assessment Task 1 –Individual task — ‘Individual research and critical analysis’

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Huselid, Jackson and Schuler1


Taylor, Beechler and Napier3.

Year of publication: Volume, Issue, Pages:

(1), Technical and strategic human resources management. Pp.171-188.402007,

2002, (1), Strategic human resources management. Pp.18-32.

(4), Toward an integrative model of strategic international human resource management, pp.959-985.212006,

Title of Article:

Strategic human resources management

Title of Journal Publication:

Technical and strategic human resources management effectiveness.

Key issues and theories that have been discussed in the literature review.

1. Motivational theory: motivational theory has influenced the current paper and the research questions by looking for the motivational factors that do influence the performance of the employees. Through the motivational theory, the contributions of motivation in the improvement of organizational performance is assessed aiming at looking for the best conditions that can ensure that the employees are committed to ensuring that they achieve the goals of the organization. Also, the various strategies that can be employed in the process of motivating the employees and coming up with the best motivational programs are discussed in the current paper.

2. Leadership theory: the current paper and research questions have been influenced by the leadership theory where the paper and the research questions have been seeking on the roles of leaders in improving the organizational performance. The different leadership styles and the characteristics of the leaders possessing the leadership traits are discussed in the current paper. The way the traits of the leader determines their leadership styles has also been explored in the paper aiming at assessing the effects of different leaders on the organizational behaviour.

3. Workforce diversity management: the management of diverse workforce has influence the current paper and the research questions where the questions are trying to inquire the effects of managing diversity in the workforce in an organization. The various ways that can be used in the process of managing diversity are being explored, and the impacts of the diverse workforce management on the productivity of the employees analysed. In the paper, the benefits of ensuring proper management of diverse workforce and the challenges that the organization is likely to face if it fails to manage the diverse workforce are analysed.

Discuss the data collection and analysis methods:

Questionnaires were the primary data collection method where the respondents were issues with research questionnaires to respond to the questions. The questions were framed in a way that can assist in collecting the relevant information that could help in obtaining accurate findings. The analysis used Excel to analyse the data obtained in the research aiming at helping in the process of interpreting the information to become meaningful. The analysis can include the use of tables and charts that can assist in the data interpretations and make the research findings more meaningful.

Who was studied in this research?

The employees and management were the subjects of study in the reach where the various management practices and their effects on the productivity of the workers were discussed. The researcher wanted to establish the effects of human resources management of employee performance in foreign markets.

List and describe the research findings:

1. Motivation has been considered as a crucial factor in the process of improving the performance of an organization. Through motivation, the employees can be committed to ensuring that the organizational goals are achieved. Besides, employee turnover is likely to decrease in the organizations that do ensure proper motivation of their employees.

2. Leadership has been crucial in the process of ensuring that an organization is competitive in the market. It is through proper leadership that the organizations can come up with the most competitive strategies that can guarantee the success of an organization in the market. Also, the leadership style adopted in an organization determines the level of employee engagement hence affecting the motivational levels of the employees.

3. Workforce diversity has proved to be crucial in the human resources management in the foreign markets. The companies operating in the foreign markets are expected to ensure that the differences that do exist regarding the experiences and cultural orientation among the employees are properly managed. Failing to ensure proper management of the differences can result in organizational failure.

How has this research study contributed to knowledge of your chosen topic?

The research study has expanded my knowledge concerning the management of the human resources in the international markets. I have realized the importance of ensuring that proper management practices of the human resources are in place in the process of enhancing the organizational performance. Besides, I realized that leadership in an organization is crucial in making the employees motivated as it is through leadership that the level of employee engagement is determined. Through the research study, I have been able to assess the best ways of ensuring that the employees are motivated in an organization. My knowledge concerning the motivation strategies of the workforce in the international markets has to be improved through the research study. Also, the benefits of managing the diverse workforce that does exist in the international markets crucial in ensuring that there is teamwork in an organization. This is because the differences that do exist among the employees might negatively affect the organization if not properly managed where there might be conflict among the employees due to their cultural differences.

What suggestions/recommendations are made for future research:

Various suggestions are made for the future research. These suggestions can include the following:

1. There is the need to determine the effects of different leadership styles adopted by an organization in the process of motivating the employees.

2. Research on the effects of workforce diversity for the organization operating in the foreign markets and how the failure of ensuring proper management of workforce diversity can affect the organizations that are venturing in the international markets.

3. Research on the strategies that can be used in the process of improving the level of motivation of the employees in an organization with an aim of improving the organizational performance.


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