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3rd October 2016,

Peterson Jennings, an employee,

PO BOX 12005,


Local government,

PO BX 7863,


Dear Sir,

Subject: need for proper implementation of the city cleaning policies

There has been an increase in the levels of pollution in the city, especially during rains. The officers in the local government who are responsible for ensuring that the formulated policies for ensuring that the town is clean have failed to implement the formulated policies. As a result, the city has become highly polluted during rainy season making the city unsafe for the public. Besides, the poor disposal of the rubbish in the city has led to increased pollution of water that is being used by the public for domestic use. This is posing some health dangers to the people hence creating the need to ensure that the policies as formulated by the local government are properly implemented.

There has been an increase of complaints from the city residents concerning the poor drainage of the city. The sewerage system has been destroyed leading to increasing in pollution as raw waste from the city is finding their way to the nearby rivers. This has been causing the death of the aquatic life as the materials that are being dumped in the river have some chemicals that are poisonous to the marine life.

Therefore, there is the need to ensure that these policies are successfully implemented where the members of the public need to be engaged in the implementation process. I look forward to seeing implementation of the local government policies governing the cleanliness of the city

Yours sincerely,

Peterson Jennings.