Intermediate financial reporting Essay Example

My Reflection

Of the six University of Adelaide graduate attributes, my experience in this course of Intermediate Financial Reporting has helped me acquire at least five of them. To begin with, the insistence on the application of the AASB Standards in the course has entrenched deep discipline knowledge of intermediate financial reporting in me hence preparing me for the hands-on at my workplace ahead. As an international student, I have also been able to develop intercultural and ethical competency throughout my Intermediate Financial Reporting course in which I have had the opportunity to interact and work with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. This could not only improve my social life outside work and school, but could also improve my interaction skills at work.

Thirdly, I feel more of a team player and a much better communicator compared to how I was when I joined the University for this Course. I can attribute his to the numerous group assignments and tasks that we were frequently presented with and the group presentations thereafter. This will be instrumental at my workplace in communicating well with my colleagues as well as bosses. Most of the tasks we were presented with required critical thinking and problem solving skills which I have come to learn over time during my study of this course.

While I feel am career-ready and a leader, I believe these attributes have always been in me. I didn’t get to learn more of these during my study; however, I appreciated the different platforms we were always given to exhibit our leadership abilities. The group discussions and role plays were particularly important.

Given another similar opportunity, I would occasionally perform self-appraisals after every course topic. Aside from the class assessments we did, I rarely did a self-assessment on my academic and career progress during my study of this course. By so doing, I would be able to enhance my self-awareness and emotional intelligence which is one of the six University of Adelaide graduate attributes. Overall, the skills I acquired in this course will make me a better employee as well as a better person in general life.

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