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Intеlligеnсе Аnаlysis Аssеssmеnt

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The paper basically describes the Intеlligеnсе Аnаlysis Аssеssmеnt of two papers where one of the papers has been completed on the current state of violent crime in the Western Australia where the other paper has been completed on the state of Amphetamine Type Stimulants and alcohol related crime and disorder in the Pilbara and Kimberley policing districts of Western Australia with a focus on remote communities? What is it likely to be in 12 months from now? Basically both papers have been completed on Western Australia and the different issues related to violent and criminal activities and the impact it has had on the community and the other paper has been related to the use of alcohol and drugs in Kimberly. During the research I found that Kimberly is the most affected region in Australia where the criminal activities are on its high and the consumption of drug and alcoholic substances is also quite high. Therefore, it can be considered the most adversely affected part in Western Australia (Foster, 2014).

Strategic Assessment

During the assessment I have found multiple reasons that have led to increased crime in the region where the banned substances are also available without a problem. This clearly indicates the loophole in the policies and control that has been looked after by the local government. The research has confirmed that the extensive use of alcohol is not only damaging the society where the percentage of deaths with the excessive use of drugs is increasing quite considerably, but it is also affecting the safety and security in the state or the region (Lette, 2010).

Kimberley has been facing adverse effects of these two major issues that are prevailing in the region and I believe the government needs to be blamed for the mismanagement and ignorance. Since Australia in general I believe is a peaceful country where the crime is quite low as compared to some parts of the world. However, specifically discussing about Kimberly the overall rate of criminal activities and alcohol consumption shoots quite high which reflects quite a major issue and has to be looked up by the government in order to attain the desired results. The intelligence I have come to learn during my research is that Kimberly is the state which the government has never looked upon as it should have done (Broadhurst, 2016).

All the criminals across the country find Kimberly as a suitable region where they can live the way they want. They can entice the youth towards drugs, alcohol, criminal activities and sexual activities because of the poor law and order situation in this specific region. I believe in spite all the blames and issues that do exist over there, the next major thing which in my opinion is absolutely integral in Kimberly is to have a police operation where they should be allowed to take all necessary steps to overcome the prevailing issues in the region. My personal opinion while having gone through the research process I found different issues such as poor employment opportunities, deprived standard of living, limited health facilities have also accounted in making Kimberly the most troubled region in Western Australia (Lette, 2010)

The things I did well while undertaking the task was that I conducted thorough research and even discussed my project with people I know that belong to Kimberly. I did not solely rely over the information available over the internet, but I in fact interacted with the locals to actually have a better insight of the issues in Kimberly. Moreover, while making this assignment I went through a lot of research papers to collect accurate and exact data which helped me to understand the issues in the region (Loxley, 2005).

Since I am quite good with internet searching skills I was able to figure out the most minute details also which helped me completing the task rather easily. In spite having the insight from locals and conducting internet research, I believe the mistake I did was to not visit the region personally (Badland, 2014).

The reason I say this is solely because I had one side of the story and I never had the opportunity to ask the concerned authorities who are posted over there to ensure law and order. I should have actually gone to them and should have taken the insight as to why the concerned departments have failed to bring the desired results. If given the chance again, I shall definitely make a visit to the departments that are directly involved in ensuring improved law and order situation in Kimberly (Broadhurst, 2016).


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