Intelligence Analysis 2 Essay Example

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Regarding intelligence, I have discovered that military strategy is an important aspect as it involves the science of combining various ways of planning, and directing the very big number of military. In support of grand strategy or approach and that there are some characteristics of state security strategy for instance; by analyzing the internal environment and identify some threat and opportunities within the environment. For that reason, strategic intelligence means providing expertise to ensure the better understanding of a certain scenario. However, at some circumstances, intelligence fails, and the following are some constituent of intelligent failure; lack of proper communication, not collecting enough data from the field about a given situation and finally failure of analyzing a particular situation. Irrespective of that, strategic intelligence can be evaluated through its accuracy, credibility ad reasonableness (Grabo,2002)

About the strategic assessment, I have learned that there is a difference between intelligence and policy. For example, intelligence in most cases focuses on the targets to be met while system focuses on internal issues like the public opinion about a given scenarios. Also, intelligence works the way it is as compared to the policy that aims at reshaping the world or changing it with a different view of a given situation. Furthermore, I learned that there is so many violence-related cases in Western Australia for example; robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug abuse in the county and many more other crimes (Grabo,2002). And that the high crime rate is attributed to lack of employment among the youths, inequality within the society and therefore compelling people to commit a crime. Kimberly is the most places in Western Australia where there is the high crime being practices as the region is not more developed as compared to other locations in the country. Giving many youths opportunities to engage in crime related activities.

As per the task, the issue of what is more likely to be the situation regarding drug use in Western Australia, this part was well done as it has highlighted some of the measures the government has put in place to ensure they curb drug-related issues in the region. And some of this measures include funding some institutions that provide services like rehabilitation as a way of ensuring most of the citizens that are addicted to alcohol and some other drugs get assistance that they need to minimize or stop their addiction. Furthermore, the government ensures each and every region has rehab facilities to facilitate the rehabilitation process

Also on the current use of drugs in Australia was also well done as it clearly outlines the current situation in Australia. For example, the mostly used drug is alcohol and amphetamine in the region as these are the primary causes of crime after using them among the people of that particular area. Even though, currently the use of this drugs has reduced as majority of individuals has been warned of the consequences of using those drugs

Even though some of these sections were well done, some section were not done perfectly. For example, the most likely situation in the coming twelve months, it is not clearly what the citizen should expect within that period despite the fact that government has come up with measures of funding some institutions with the aim of supporting rehabilitation process. It is still not clear how the drug user will be convinced about the importance of going for the recovery process. And therefore, under this part, it should be improved to provide clearly what exactly is going to be done to ensure crime rate is minimized within that region of Australia (Grabo,2002)

On the factors influencing the uses of drugs also need some improvement. For example, on the demographic factors that explains that the high number of people in every family encourages the high crime rate and use of drugs. At some point, the number varies, and therefore it is not easy to conclude that due to a high number of people then there is a massive increase in crime rate in the country. Therefore, I would have done it differently by comparing the number of family with their income so that I can relate it to the high rate of crime in the region. This is because if there is a large number of people and their level of income is not consistent with the kind of life they are living, then it can also be the reason some people engage in crime related activities.


Grabo, C. M. (2002). Anticipating Surprise Analysis for Strategic Warning. Washington: NDIC Press