Integrated Marketing Communications 2 Essay Example

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The picture at the view is the Samsung Company that is widely spread worldwide. Its goods and services are located in almost all countries. Their products are facing competition from other electronics companies. As a result, the organization is working towards marketing its products more. They are purposing to expand the demand for their goods through improvement of the quality of their products. Besides, in the modification of their products, the comparison has to be made on the other company’s products. Uniqueness in their servicing and the quality of the goods is the principal activity to their success. In my creative brief, I will redesign and create an advertisement as a way of helping the Samsung Company achieve its objectives on communication. (Quelch, 2008, pp. 98)

Strategy statement

Several strategies are to be implemented for the success of advertisement creation and redesigning plan of the company’s brand. The Samsung Company has the broad field of advertising its products. Creation of billboards is a way of alerting the nation of the new deals in the market. The billboards are pinned along the most used roads and streets for the clients to read. Also, playing adverts on the international as well as the local television stations is a way of advertisement that reaches a large number of people. It is a cheaper method of publication. (Kim, 2006, pp.129)

Besides, the online ad becomes the most affordable and the effective way of advertisement. The reason is that the clients are allowed to question the concepts not well understood or further clarifications. They also are authorized to buy the goods and services online thus cutting the cost of traveling to the store shops of the firm to get their goods. The strategy, therefore, increases the marketability of the Samsung brand company. Alongside all these strategies, provision of promotions of the goods has turned out to be a practice that has brought about mass buying of the products. Through the delivery of offers, the products go through a relatively cheaper process thus the customers opt to buy in bulk during the session.

Samsung Brand position

The Samsung Company has embodied the technology as well as the styles for professionals who are young. It is through its designs that are cutting the edge and the features which comprise of superior connectivity. The statement of Samsung brand’s position has had an assertion on the differentiation of the other providers of mobile phones from it. Therefore, the sleek of Samsung’s exterior designs with the selection of hard and soft features accompanying has rendered the Brand an optimal purchase for the youths as well as the professional technological updates. (Kim. 2012, pp. 1485)

The Samsung brand is currently the brand number one in the market of smartphones. It had lost its position previously to the Apple brand and many other brands. It is trying to cover the whole market of smartphones as well as mobiles thus the factor that is making it be the leading company in the world that sells mobiles as a product alongside Laptops, iPad as well as Tablets. Samsung firm came up with new strategies to make it more focused on the customer and creativity for the establishment of the high image of the brand in the market that is getting global. (Heydar, 2014, pp. 2561)

Objectives of the Samsung message.

The message in the creative brief has its goals as trying to inform the world of every new deal in the market. Through the message, the nation gets advised of the goods and products from the firm that are in the market. Also, the customers are allowed to view the products that have been on the market as well as get informed on any changes regarding charges, change in models and features too. The message majorly is convincing to have the attraction as well as the attention from the clients. The phones produced by the Samsung Company, on comparison to those from other forms prove to have the fastest processors as well as their screens being the brightest. The high-tech features of the phone and the incorporate novel are available in the Samsung Brand products.

Target audience

There is a broad range of the target of the Samsung Company. The targeted audience is the customer. The customers are variated in the field of technological knowledge, use and the services one require as well as the age-group of the customers. (Dave, 2014, pp. 5)

The youths are the primary target audience. It is because they are in learning and an investigative mission. Therefore due to their desire to move with the ever changing and developing the world of innovations, the will want to use a device whose processor is fast thus end up opting for the Samsung’s brand. Also, the research institutes, as well as young customers, are a targeted client.

Feeling of the target toward the Samsung products

The buyers who are targeted by the creation of the advertisement, as well as the redesigning of the announcement, make the clients have the best feeling over the products. The best services offered by the Samsung goods has brought happiness to the customers thus the motivation of their friends and peers to use the item. (Kaul, 2015, pp. 2017)

Reasons for my target

The youths are in the mood of trying everything in the technology sector. Also, most of them are still in their studies thus require the Samsung branded mobiles for the achievement of success in their academics. It is as a result of using the mobile in conducting research as well as gain skills from the internet. (Kapfer, 2012)

My expectation from the target audience

It is my hope that the recipients will help further in the marketing and advertisement of the goods as well as give evidence of the advantages of the Samsung products.

Expected feeling and thinking to the Samsung’s audience

Through the advertisement creation, I expect the audience to have a contentment feeling after trying our products. The audience is to have in mind that the Samsung Company is the only company whose products can give them all services on communication they require in their lives. (Keller, 2011, pp. 9)

The Samsung Company should communicate to the targeted audience through the advertisement strategies, as well as allow the clients visit their offices. Besides going off their landline for the customers to call

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