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8Creative Ideas & Integration

Marketing communications: Creative ideas and integration

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Creative Idea and Integration

A creation idea is a predominant “Big Idea” that attractsviewers’ interest, sways their emotive reaction and motivates them to taking a course of action. It is a blending theme that is utilized throughout a marketing campaign, for example, Vivant use the slogan “Live with the ones you love”. This slogan is used to show our restaurant theme which is living and also romantic. Rossiter and Danaher (2015) assert that the creative idea is epitomized in a tagline, headline or in a main visual. Popular creative ideas areeasy to remember, simple to pronounce and distinctive, most importantly, they signify the intended concept being driven and have relevant meaning (Fitzgerald & Arnott, 2013). This the reason behind word Vivant (Living) which is also relevant with the theme of the restaurant, meant for customers to have a more joyful life by visiting the restaurant and could feel the real meaning of living by enjoying the dishes with their beloved people in a French restaurant.

In contemporary world with changing environment, marketing should be creative and strategic to capture the audience thoughts. The creative idea will market the brand name “Vivant” and shape the core campaign of Vivant slogan “Live with the ones you love”. Developing creative ideas for Vivant will be significant since it will assist the marketers to; test the one that appeals to audience, gauge the campaign across several media channels, pinpoint an idea that unify the entire campaign and reach out to audience and find out “big ideas” the echo to them.

A creative concept like “Tastes to share moments to remember” will resonate well with audience of Vivant, this will gather lifestyle and emotions elements.Food courts require being exceptionally creative to be relevant in business and keep afloat in this technological era. The restaurant, brand name in itself is a BIG IDEA and more native in nature, this will attract customers across the world to taste a meal and have those memorable feelings (Fitzgerald & Arnott, 2013).. France not only is a famous representation of the desire, thirst and full of love, but also individuals residing in France either are pursuing the life attitude of themselves and enjoying relaxing style with slow rhythm of life. So, the campaign on“Tastes to share moments to remember” will make Vivant gathers lifestyle and emotions elements, as people will love to have memorable moments.The reason is because foodies have much more desire in trying some new foods that they never tried before, as they see foods as their major interest and make it as their passion. By producing creative posters, the insinuation for the strategyappeals to entice foodie responsiveness;inducements foodie’s visual besidescreatingupper purchase intent for Vivant recipes.

The best approach of stimulating market for Vivant will be use of creative concept like drool-inducing photos that are of high-quality. Visual content is fundamental to modern days marketing of restaurants (Yadin, 2012). Vivant can use delicious looking image as in Figure 1 below and place them on their website and share some on social media platforms, as such indispensable for attracting hungry eyes of potential customers.

Integrated Marketing Communications

.(Fitzgerald & Arnott, 2013).this could benefit to sway customer perception. Whereas employing a diverse creative idea strategy to offer customers visual experience and build a lasting spot and gainful part in market The target customers will get attracted to the brand particular creative ideas like tastes to share moments to remember and

The prints advertising ought tooutlinecreative content and exhibitionasdesigns to accomplish the selectedingenious strategy. Additionally, Vivant may need sometimes a one-line phrase which attracts the insight and brand link that could trigger remembrance of the brand flashes for the clients. This could promote the creative concept, and offer stimulation for a tagline, an idea that has worked for promotion of eateries like snickers as shown in the figure 2.

Integrated Marketing Communications 1

The ideashows some logic that this creative element of snickers isconstant with the anticipatedsetting, easy to decode into creative concept that can create contagion with the selected media and reinforce each other. The fruitfulbrand is termed as the dominant hints that customer raise appreciation recall of that particular brand and experience. When customersascertain their desires, they have a habit ofcomparing with other products in same line of service.


Integration in marketing communications entails a creation of cohesive and all-in-one understanding for customers to interrelate with the brand. It merges all aspects of marketing like advertising, public relations, promotion and social media marketing. Integration process is intended to make sure that all messaging strategies are consistent with other channels of marketing communications (Yadin, 2012).Website is essential when conducting a creative advertising, for the reason thatit can unswervinglyreveals Vivant services and products to clients and keep connection with other shop. The Vivant channels of advertising should have a 360° integration campaigns that will inspire customers to think about them 24 hours in 7 days. Featuring vivant brand on social media is catchy as everyone is connected as shown in Figure 3.
According to Pickton and Broderick (2011) social media is a useful platform at the present time; it deliverstrademark messages to many people around the world at shortest time possible. Thus a noble way to express brand postsas well as product to potential users, and so, the online media will allow Vivant to retainconnectivity with new clientsin additionto shaping a good rapport with its target audience.

Integrated Marketing Communications 2

So, Vivant’s integration of media channels is meant to attract customers emotionally and make them remember Vivant as a good restaurant so they will come back again to the restaurant and feels the same or better good experience again with their beloved people. Brand marketersformed on social media should impact positivelyand post appealing messages to customer to strengthen the brand, which in turn build trust and positive image thus forming a brand loyalty (Pickton & Broderick, 2011). This strategy suits Vivant because majority of technology savvy individuals are young people, more so this strategy is useful for a new brand that everyone get interest, and also the country of origin shows the quality of the brand.Vivant website may also unify social media apps like Facebook, telegram, twitter and MySpace; all these are great online podium that permits clients to share their feedback on services and products. Vivant could sometimespostmessages orvideos on their fan pagesonline so that clients interact with them freely as shown in Figure 4.

Integrated Marketing Communications 3

.(Pickton & Broderick, 2011)Therefore, a fruitful marketing campaign is imperative for the entire business creativity, more so, creative concepts are crucial creation of a brand name, for the reason that such communications on social media or billboards needs creativity, which lies within brand name and slogan

As a new brand, Vivant could use a brand image or celebrity to help them promote their brand, as a brand image usually makes people remember a brand more easily, if the brand image shows their uniquenessgreat way to build brand awareness outside of the shop is to support a local charitable organization.nother According to Pickton and Broderick (2011) ago out andchampion local event, this could earn them mileage on visibility for their business and form goodwill from customers.  The creative communication strategy for Vivant can be to formulate two ways of marketing to their audience so as to be acquainted with them more on their resolution and product. The two ways which avail creative conceptsis togenerateshop event and second is market their shop on social media. Vivant may resolve to


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