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The next Disney Park is in London, which is a safe city and with proper business operations. It practiced western culture with high economic stability whereby the majority of people are Christians. It has a population of 8.6 million, and the number is still growing. Regarding capital, it generates high international revenue growth worldwide (Norfield, 2016.4). London is the suitable city for expansion as the rate of living is same as the one in Disney City and furthermore, the high rate of tourism and the high income it will generate will also be advantageous to the Disney. Furthermore, it has high tourist attraction approximately 35 million tourist visit the city yearly (Norfield, 2016.34)

Managing risk

Risk associated with expansion

1. Terrorist attack

The threat of terrorist attacks in the London city is becoming severe. Therefore this may act as risk when Disney want to expand its operations, for the attack may interfere with its land expansion as the attackers may bomb its property and lead to loss of its businesses (Anton Clave,2007.27)

2. High crime rate

According to Mannhelm & Steve, (2002,45), there is high crime rate in most metropolitans of London. These offenses range from stealing and robbing people from the street for instance muggings, assault with the intention of robbing and grabbing of one’s property. Some people use guns to rob people in the city while some use knives to steal. Statistically, the high rate of crime is attributed to the rate of inequality between the cities of London. And also due to lack of unemployment among the youth in the city and therefore engage in crime related activities as a way of living and earning income.

Importance of risk consideration to the Disney expansion

It is, therefore, critical for the Disney to take into account the risk associated with its development for it will interfere with most of its operation. It is through consideration that Disney will know exactly on what they can do to protect their business operations from an attack. Furthermore, it will provide a framework on how to manage or handle those risk that may be linked to its expansion to London City (Silvester, 2016.24). Also, it is also important to take consideration of the risk so that the Disneyland ensures smooth operations of its activity in the city of London and be able to overcome some of the challenges that may come with the process

Mitigations of the risks associated with expansion

The Disney can ensure there is equality especially to where they are expanding their operations, as it will be one of the ways to minimize crime and violence related issue in the city. This can be done by ensuring they offer universal services to the community around the place they are going to expand their business and furthermore to narrow down the differences regarding earning that will restore the bond between the wages and the economic success of the city of London(Silvester, 2016.32)

Disney can find out the steadiness between control and prevention; some of the experiences come from the residents, and hard works mostly deal with the personal characteristics of a person to cause violence and crimes within a particular area. Therefore, when crimes start designating government forces, the majority of individuals cease to trust their security forces and therefore focus mainly on personal safety. (Silvester, 2016.38) for that reason, it is important to create a system that focuses on how to prevent crime related activities and also to find the balance and integrate rehabilitation and recuperation approaches and some funding into safety strategies in the city

According to Elmer, (2010.8), the Disney can reinsure its major operation in London city as a way of preparing itself from any risk that may be associated with the terrorist attack. Having an insurance cover is one way of covering your business from any loss that may have to occur or caused by an individual and therefore resulting in losses


It is, therefore, important to take into consideration some of the risks that may impact the operations of any business. It is through identification of the risk associated with the project that will enable an individual to come up with mitigations on how to minimize risk associated with the plan. The mitigations will help the business to overcome some risk that may be related to the operations of business

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